10 Instagramming Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Pics

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Don’t you just love it when your Instagram photos get tons of likes? Instagram is a place for all the photographers, wannabe-photographers, and the occasional “I’m just here to stalk” Instagrammers.

Forget likes. Sometimes taking a good photo and uploading it on your profile somehow makes the memory of the photo even more incredible. A single moment captured forever – might as well make it a great capture, right? Anyway, if you have awesome photos, the likes will just follow. Here are 10 Instagramming tips for the Instagram enthusiast.

Use natural light

Natural light is always the best kind of light to take photos, which is why photo studios work hard to get that natural light. If you have natural light, use it to your advantage and snap away.

Use the focus option

The focus option, which is also found in system cameras of iPhones, can blur the background giving the photo a professional, SLR quality. It highlights the subject of the photo too.

Turn on the grid option

The grid option is helpful when taking wide-view photos and horizons. This can ensure you take a balanced photograph.

You can never go wrong with black and white

Like denim and the color white, the black and white filter for photos is also a classic and you can never go wrong with it (except for supposedly colorful photos). It gives a classic, vintage vibe.

Take wide photos of sceneries

When taking pictures of scenes and views, take it from a wide view. Capture the skies and the horizon, and make the scenery the subject of the photo.

Use photo editing apps

Don’t hesitate to use other photo editing apps on your phone. There might be options and filters there that are not available on Instagram and can make your photos even prettier. Be bold and adventurous in checking out other editing apps.

Highlight the subject

The subject of the picture is what mainly grabs the attention of whoever is looking at your photo. All the rest are just supporting details. Be sure to highlight the subject in the proper way.

Use appropriate filters

Filters are creative but too much of it can ruin the quality of the photo. Use filters only if needed and use appropriate ones.

Avoid empty spaces

Crop out the empty spaces in your photos that are not, in any way, connected to the subject of the photo or the main scenery. This will put an even bigger emphasis on the subject.

Take multiple photos

When taking pictures, take multiple shots. This will give you several options on which one is the best.

Of course, these are just guidelines and tips on how to make your Instagram photos even better. The best camera is still your eyes and anything that you think is beautiful and Instagram worthy, then you should capture the moment and upload it to your profile. After all, it’s a moment captured forever.

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