4 Best Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Business

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Although the world of the internet is by far one of the most influential tools in recent times, there are specific reasons why it is called so. Apparently, social media is the main reason behind it. Each and everyone is very much fond of social media especially the younger generations. Day by day, people cannot actually go out and live lives without resorting or checking on their social media accounts. Consequently, this has affected each life of every individual as of the time being.

People are actually having fun using different social media platforms. First, it kills time. The second reason is that people could connect and engage with others and things that surround them globally. And third, you could earn and grow your business fruitfully.

There are a lot of social media platforms today that you could use as an avenue for your online marketing. If you are thinking about what these platforms that you may maximize are, here are the 4 best platforms you could check:


By and large, Facebook has come a long way since 2004. This platform is intentionally intended for college students alone but due to its popularity and unique features, its active members reached 800 million today. In addition, it is regarded as the most used social networking site.

Now, you could actually earn and grow your business using Facebook. With an easy tap and filling out of information about your business, you could easily create advertisements and pages relating to your venture. Moreover, members could easily know, learn, like, and share your posts and contents which can actually reach all of the members globally.


Twitter is described as the SMS of the online world due to its unique feature of posts maximizing a full 140 character. A certain post must certainly be unique and straightforward which is a very essential factor in growing a business. The platform has hashtags (#) as well wherein you could see the trending news, events, and personalities.


What makes YouTube a very different platform from two given above is that it is intended to share different kinds of videos. In actuality, the length of videos being posted every minute is about 48 hours which apparently is a very large amount and number since the average length of a video is around 2 to 3 minutes.

Using this platform is a great avenue for your business online marketing strategy. Imagine reaching out to a lot of viewers and audiences, right?


Everyone loves seeing colorful and vibrant images, who doesn’t anyway? Instagram is the site to go to if you are very much a photographic lover. As for your business, you could actually upload and post images and ads of your business wherein you could as well enhance the appearances of the images.

In addition, there are hashtags (#) as well on the platform wherein you could check similar photos with the same hashtags. You will eventually grow your business with the appealing and enticing photo advertisements to be posted on your business’ Instagram account.

There are actually a lot more platforms and sites you may refer to and resort to but definitely, these 4 social networking sites are undoubtedly the most used and visited that may allow your business to grow.

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