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As a blogger, there are a lot of beautiful things that you can get out of your job. Moving on, have you thought of the things that you can consider as your best friend or something that as a blogger cannot work and live without?

Laptop or computer

Oh yes! They can never do anything without their most loved computers or laptops. Some bloggers invest in a high speed and high technology computer just to make sure that they can do their jobs right and without any heartaches or hardships.

Most bloggers never let their laptops or computers be used by someone else, they treat them as a valuable asset that is worth millions.


Internet of course is what they need. They can never visit sites unless they have an Internet connection. Disconnected Internet connection or no Internet connection is definitely a disaster for them. They can be played on by any games but not losing the Internet connection.

Readers and followers

Yes! No blogger will be successful without any readers and followers. They value their readers and bloggers far well, thus making sure that they will reply immediately to them as soon as they ask questions or send them queries.

Readers and followers are bloggers best friend and inspiration to write. They get their confidence and excitement to write blogs from their readers and followers commentaries and praises.

A peaceful room

Some bloggers can never think straight in a noisy place, thus putting themselves in a quiet room is required. Whenever a blogger visits a destination or trying something new, what they want is to isolate him or herself to concentrate. Some may want peace to evaluate everything and write a good blog. This is their way to make sure that everything they want to tell readers will get written well.

A peaceful room is what they look for and something that they can bring them somewhere else, a place that can let them be themselves and give them encouragement to write everything their heart desires.

A good view

A good view? Yes, something that can make them feel relaxed and get energized. Some bloggers may feel so exhausted writing day in and day out. Is it easy? Maybe not, it requires hard work, patience, and time. The feeling of exhaustion can easily be released looking at a good view. Bloggers may travel far just to visit a breathtaking view to inspire them to write again or can be written about it, as simple as that.


A coffee to lift all their senses up is what bloggers look for. Coffee keeps their mind and soul awake for a longer time duration. This can keep them going even during cold weather and a sleepless night.

Caffeine pushes their spirits and minds up, thus if you see someone drinking a coffee on a coffee shop and typing, more often than not, they are bloggers.

Bloggers’ work is not easy, definitely not, thus their best friends are there to ensure that they stay good with what they do.

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