Anti-procrastination Tips for Your Online Job

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Admit it, you fell prey working on the 13th hour because you have been procrastinating. Those times when the deadline is fast approaching but still you check your social media account, watch videos on Youtube, surf for viral videos, or just simply being lazy at home and watching Netflix even with an impending deadline. Before you knew it, you need to pull your last hoorah to beat deadlines the following day for your online job.

There is no single, effective way to beat procrastination. It is usually a mixture of different methods to be in the same situation again. There too are various reasons why you result in procrastination.

One of which is that the online task given to you is unpleasant for your taste or you are just trying to avoid it. Another thing is you fail to organize your to-do lists for the different projects you are working online.  But don’t worry, there are proven anti-procrastination tips for your online job.

Avoid distractions

Working online is a lot of distractions whichever way you see it. With just a few clicks, you can easily access your social media account and spend more time browsing and looking at a different Facebook post or Instagram photos. Your mobile phone is only within arms reach and you can talk all the time with your friends or loved ones. So, disable all the pop-up chats and notifications for your social media accounts.

Moreover, turn off your television set and work in an environment away from distractions. Make sure not to work in your bedroom too. It will just drag you to your bed and take that much-needed nap.

Look for a workmate/buddy

The beauty of working online is that you can create different connections and you can befriend them. Having a work buddy has easy access to communicating with them online. This is a proven anti-procrastination tip because your friend’s update may likely put pressure on you to finish your job as soon as you can. Their encouragement can mean a lot especially if you are a superstar crammer.

Work during the time you are very productive

Mornings are the best time to work for your online projects because it is where you are most creative and your mind works best. This is where ideas will come to mind spontaneously. But this is not always the case because it does not work for the night owls.

Most of the people working online are night owls and if you are one of them, don’t be afraid to work in the wee hours of the morning especially if this is the time you are most productive.

Also, learn to pre-commit to your commitments. Normally, online jobs last for a week or more depending on the project’s severity. Make a conscious effort to finish a part of your project daily. It helps to have a reminder in your home office or desk sayings like “Today, I should be able to_____” Looking at this reminder will help you motivate to finish your daily task so that you don’t need to rush your work by weekend.

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