Avoiding Writer’s Block for Online Writers

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Writing articles or blog entries is not a joke. Sometimes, you ran out of ideas, which is commonly called writer’s block.  This is actually a common occurrence and almost every online writer was on the same boat as you. Sometimes ideas just don’t come easily and there is no eureka moment.

The good news though is that there are remedies to this problem. The best part is, it does not cost a lot to solve your writer’s block.

Know the trending topics

The internet today has a lot of viral videos and trending topics that make everyone talk about it. Generating ideas from these posts will not only help you have an entry for your blog but it also interests people to visit the website. If you visit social media, you will notice the different topics everyone is ravaging about. Suggested topics on Google trends or the Trending topics on Twitter are some of the best sources to know what people have been talking about these days. And with a little research, you found your back into writing different articles again.

Ask around

Nothing beats asking people around what they want you to write about. Your audience is your readers to know what they are interested in. You can easily ask them by posting a status on your Facebook account or ask them to leave a comment on your latest blog post.

Your audience may surprise you with the various topics they have in mind and with a little research, you will mind blown about how well you came up with that blog entry.

The Idea Journal

Most writers keep an idea journal so you can always have something to turn to whenever you need something. The idea journal does not need to be very detailed. Just jot down snippets of ideas, quotes, topics, or anything that caught your attention because it always comes in handy. You will never know when you need it and when you do need it, your journal can save you from having a writer’s block. It does not matter if the idea journal is electronic (smartphone notes) or you buy a small notebook as long as you keep it with you.  The idea is that the journal can be kept in your handbag so that you can carry it with you anytime, anywhere.

Get Physical

Go out and get some exercise. Exercising does not only help you become fit, sexy, and healthy but it also helps you generate ideas and removes the stress away from your body.

Sometimes the writer’s block happens because you have too many things on your mind but don’t know where to start or how to start writing. Exercising helps release stress and relaxes your body.

Train Your Mind to Generate Ideas even in Off Days

Sometimes, you just need to push yourself a little by training your mind to come up with writing topics. You can do this by making sure you think of about 2-3 things or topics that you can possibly write about. You don’t have to know the nitty-gritty details first. Just a generalized concept will do. Write it down in your idea journal, these are muscle idea exercises that prepare you for idle days.

True enough, writing is not an easy thing and if you are earning through writing, you would like to avoid days where you can’t think of anything because it would mean losing money. With these tips, you should be able to equip yourself to avoid writer’s block.

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