Bad Effects of Stale Content

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A site’s content can be compared to food that’s served on the table. When it becomes stale and old, it is no longer good for consumption. The same can be said about a website’s posts. Stale content may no longer be helpful to the readers, and this also has a bad effect on SEO.

Why a Good Strategy is Important

Having outdated content on your blog or website will give your Company or business a negative public perception. Your readers want relevant and fresh content, not some old posts that are already dusty and irrelevant to the current trends.

In fact, having stagnant content is not search engine friendly too, as the search engine robots can detect old posts and rank your site low because of these. By strategizing to come up with new contents regularly (at least a few times in a week) you will be catering to your readers’ needs as well as the search engines’ requirements more efficiently.

Build Links for Traffic

In order to get out of the stale content rut, you can aspire to build more backlinks for your website or blog. This way, you will be inspired to produce fresh content regularly. By being able to come up with articles that attract traffic, you can expect more visitors and bloggers to come to your site.

And when people like what you’re covering in your niche, they will naturally link to you. You can use keyword optimization to achieve this goal, as using the right keywords will allow you to show up in searches on the Internet. And this is especially true for long-tail keywords; so using such a technique will be helpful to your marketing plan too.

Fresh Content and a Reader-Friendly Design

One of the best ways to get a loyal following is through the presentation of your website or blog. It is always less confusing if you adopt a simple design so as to make it easier for your visitors to navigate within your site. All the articles must be easily accessible too so that your readers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Your Voice is Important Too

The tone of your voice in your articles is also important, as this will determine if your audience can build a close connection with you. People have different voices when they write articles, but the readers can usually sense if the voices are friendly or not. And needless to say, it’s an easy-to-read article that has a friendly tone that gets the most readers.

Insecure voices or those that sound cynical and offensive may turn off readers; so try to stay away from that tone of voice as much as possible. Pretend that you are talking to your friends when writing articles for your readers so that you can come up with fresh content that is friendly and entertaining to read.

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