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Among website owners and bloggers, Google Analytics is surely the most popular web analytics tool. Google Analytics gives out detailed statistics about your website’s traffic such as who views your website, where do they come from and what do they visit your site. Additionally, Google Analytics does not charge you for using the tool unless your website reaches 10 million page views each month in which you will then be charged with $150,000 each year.

Despite being the most favored by many, several articles had stated some flaws with the tool such as the 24-hour delay between the data collection and reporting for standard users while premium users encounter a 4-hour delay. Fortunately, Google Analytics is not the only web analytics tool available. Here are the best alternatives to Google Analytics.


Clicky is one of the most popular alternatives to Google Analytics due to its simple to understand features compared to Google Analytics. It also shows all important data in an overview in its dashboards such as visitors, traffic sources, and top content.

It also allows you to filter out unimportant data and lets you see everything you need to see such as which pages are the most viewed and which are not.

One great feature of Clicky is its twitter monitoring in which it looks at tweets that mention your site or brand. Clicky also alerts the customer whenever a certain action is done by a visitor. Another feature that Clicky is proud of is its ability to count a visitor who stays on the page for more than 30 seconds. This type of visitor is usually categorized as a bounce by other tools.  Clicky is free for one website with below 3,000 daily visitors and customers are charged $9.99 per month for more than 3000 visitors.


For owners who are selling their items on their website, KISSmetrics is the best alternative to Google Analytics with their tagline of “Google Analytics tells you what’s happening. KISSmetrics tells you who’s behind it.” Just as their tagline says, KISSmetrics is focusing more on your visitors.

KISSmetrics looks for essential data such as who they are, where they are located, how they found your site, and everything you need to know about your visitors before and after they signup. This is beneficial in such a way that the owner will know what audience to target which will then lead to higher sales in the future. Other features of KISSmetrics include A/B split tests, Real-Time Data Monitoring, unlimited Sandboxes, and many more. Unfortunately, KISSmetrics can be quite expensive at $150 per month.


Just like KISSmetrics, Woopra is more focused on the actions done by the site visitors. It is also simple to use but highly attractive at the same time. You can use it on your desktop or even mobile devices.

Woopra also allows the site owners to customize their use of the tool. But the greatest thing about Woopra is the live chat feature which allows the site owner to chat with a visitor once he/she has met certain criteria. You can ask a visitor whether he/she questions if you have noticed that he/she is spending quite some time on one page. Other features of Woopra include Real-Time Statistics, Advanced Reporting (funnel and retention reports), and many more. Woopra has a free version that lasts until 30 days and from then on, plans range from $79.95-199.95 per month.

Although Google Analytics has great features, there are just times when this tool seems to disappoint you. It is indeed fortunate that with the advancements in technology, there are many great alternatives to Google Analytics available that will better suit your conditions and specifications.

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