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Building links for your website can indeed make it stronger and more reputable than other sites, but it can also serve as a source of traffic. Traffic means getting visitors to look around your blog, and your business profitability would greatly depend on the conversion factor of said traffic.

Your Main Goal

While it’s true that you have set up an online business to earn money, it should never be your only goal. Your business will truly grow and expand if you set out to be of help to others. When your main goal is to help people, even fellow bloggers, the Internet setting will function as an ongoing wheel for improvement and establishment for everyone involved. Likewise, aiming to be of service to your readers will also prove to be helpful, as you will be able to provide them with the information they need through your website. You can even offer your help to other companies when it comes to marketing, and this will earn you money too.

Guest Posting

You can build links by guest posting to other sites. This is a very simple method since you only need to get the permission of the webmaster to post on his or her site. You can then insert a link to the article so that it can link back to your own blog.

This technique serves 2 purposes; said link is counted as a backlink, and it can also drive additional traffic to your website or web page.

Link Swapping

Swapping links with other bloggers and website owners is still an effective way to build links and drive traffic to your site. However, you should be careful about this technique, as search engines frown on irrelevant swapping of links.

But as long as you are linking to legitimate sites that can offer more value for your readers and visitors, then the method can prove to be beneficial and useful to everyone.

Link Baiting

Link baiting can be quite tricky, and not everyone can pull this off. By making a controversial post on your blog, you can get other bloggers to react to it and link back to it as a reference when they blog about the same topic in their own blogs.

You should, however, choose topics that are not offensive to others; since you can also lose your readership if you are making hurtful remarks that affect a lot of people’s principles and beliefs.

Always Build Links Using the Right Practices

Search engines always give more credit to websites that have natural-looking links. You should therefore exert all effort to make sure that your site has a variety of backlinks that are coming from different places. Note too, that both follow and no-follow links are important; since both of these can drive more traffic to your website.

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