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Commenting on blogs is being done for a lot of reasons. But Internet Marketers are mainly doing this to get links and traffic back to their sites. While this is an acceptable practice, it may not always work for you, as blogs have moderators too; and you can get your comments deleted if these are not good enough. So why waste your time by leaving dull comments that might not go live anyway? It would be better to make comments that can grab attention so that these can serve their purpose in a lot of different ways.

Reasons for Leaving Comments on Other Blogs

For one, your site will gain exposure when you comment on blogs and leave your site’s link on the comment box. This can be in the form of a link itself, or you can use your name as the link to your home page.

And if your comment is good, other readers might decide to visit your own blog through this special link. Aside from getting traffic, this can also transform into leads and sales.

Think Mini-Article

One-sentence comments barely get noticed, especially when the wordings are generic. But if you can create a comment that almost looks like an article, then this will even capture the webmaster’s interest.

If you can discuss the points taken up in the original article further, then other people will find value in your comment. You will also be recognized as a serious entrepreneur who also wants to help other people. And as a trustworthy character, Internet users will be inclined to check out their own website or blog too.

Guest Posting on Other Blogs

By getting on the good side of webmasters, you might even be offered the opportunity to guest post on their blogs. Now this will be helpful to your endeavor, as you can place links on your articles so as to drive traffic to your site. Some site owners may even contact you for joint ventures if you share the same interests in a particular niche.

What if Your Comments are Ignored?

Even if your comment is valuable and highly informative, you still run the risk of having it disapproved as this is the moderator’s right. If you find that your lengthy mini-article is not approved by the blog where you left a comment, you can still use it on other blogs with the same topic or subject.

That’s why it’s recommendable to have your comments saved on a document file instead of writing this directly on a blogger’s comment form. This way, you can still use the article you composed on other websites with just some minor revisions with regards to the theme.

Comment Wisely

By coming up with witty and valuable comments, you can definitely drive more traffic to your business site. Your company will also have a wider exposure that can result in higher sales and conversions.

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