Bloggers: Do’s and Dont’s

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Blogging is not all about writing what you want to tell the world, it takes responsibility, knowing that your blog can reach millions to billions of readers. As bloggers, yes, you have the freedom to say anything and everything under the sun and post them anywhere you want on the worldwide web, but do you really know your responsibilities?

It is not all about writing interesting stories or sending topics that can attract readers, there is actually more to that.

Bloggers do’s

Do give accurate information

As bloggers, it is your responsibility to provide only factual information to your readers. The information before you post your blog should be well researched. It should hold only truthful information and can be supported by facts.

Yes, you can be sharing your opinions and thoughts about things, but yet, it is your responsibility to make sure that you base your thoughts, opinions, or even reviews from things that you really know about.

Do make your blogs straightforward and universally understandable

When you start blogging, you never know who will read your material, people who can access your blogs can be anywhere, thus it is necessary that you are using a language that can be understood by the majority. It should be straightforward enough for anyone who reads to understand exactly what you want to reach your readers.

It is a must that you have to choose the right wording and language. What you want for them to understand what exactly you want to reach them and not the other way around. Make your blogs highly understandable. You do not want to lead your readers to something you never intended to.

Bloggers dont’s

Do not use offensive language. malicious or profanity

You never know who can read your blogs, as bloggers you know for a fact, that the Internet can be accessed by anyone from any generation or any age, thus making use of offensive language or profanity should not be practiced.

Actually, there are some sites where bloggers can freely make use of any wording of their choice, or sites where they can only express exactly what they want to share to readers by using words as such, it would best to say that using of such words should be used only to the right sites. It should never be used to universally express one’s emotions and post blogs anywhere online. Be responsible.

Do not overuse your popularity or influence

You would never know, you can be one of those famous bloggers around the Internet, needless to say, your popularity should never be used to mislead or take advantage of your readers.

Your influence and popularity should never be used to deceive or take advantage of your reader’s weakness. Make use of your influence for the betterment and improvement of your readers and not the other way.

Anyone can be a blogger, anyone can share anything they want to share on the Internet but, before you do that, it is a must that one should know the responsibilities as a blogger. Do know your purpose and responsibilities before you start blogging, do not just be after your career but as well as the welfare of your readers.

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