Can Your Site Rank Even Without Backlinks?

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Internet Marketers are always talking about backlinks. Link juice, as they call it, is very important to a website’s success. But can your site survive even without backlinks? And more importantly, can it rank on the search engines? Now, these are questions that have bewildered a lot of webmasters, especially newbies. As you wouldn’t want to get penalized by the big search engines, a careful approach to link building should always be on your mind.

Why Backlinks are Considered Important

All the hoopla about backlinks can be attributed to an ongoing popularity game with the search engines. Apparently, a website that has a lot of backlinks is deemed reputable and credible. But then, if you know the backend of all these backlinking strategies, you can conclude that that’s not always the case.

Backlinks can be bought, and this can give the impression that a particular site is important or relevant, even when it’s not. And this technique can prove to be effective as far as quick ranking is concerned. But when the major search engines catch up with the method, you run the risk of having a penalized site; and this can cause your ranking to drop.

Ranking Your Sites without Backlinks

There’s a natural way to gain search engine popularity even if you don’t have a ton of backlinks pointing back to your site. The method of posting new articles every day can actually boost your website’s credibility, and your content will naturally show up in searches when people are looking for certain topics. And by sprinkling relevant keywords into your posts, your article can show up on a lot of searches.

The key to the success of this approach is regularity. As search engines love fresh content, it’s a must that a new post is published every single day.

Not doing so, will have a drastic effect on your ranking, as search engines are always expecting new articles from you once they got used to the regularity of your posts. And it is never a good idea to confuse the search engines as this can result in less frequent visits to your page.

The Power of High-Quality Articles

Providing daily content is important, but you should also make sure that you are publishing high-quality articles that are informative and useful to the readers. Search engines will know if an article is simply based on keywords; so always keep your keyword density at its normal level (around 1 to 2 percent). Aside from that, avoid having low-quality articles on your site, as these will turn off your regular visitors. And if they click on that back button, you have already lost potential customers. For this reason, your articles should be engaging and easy to read; so that your readers will stay longer, and probably even buy something from your website.

Link Blasting

It will not hurt your site if it has some backlinks. In fact, it will even become stronger. However, if you are going to adapt a backlinking strategy, you ought to make sure that your method is safe and natural-looking.

If you prefer buying a backlink package for your website, that’s acceptable too. But it would be very dangerous to simply blast out a number of backlinks in a day when this is not the normal trend of ordinary link building. Blasting out a thousand backlinks in one single day is, therefore, unadvisable as it is obviously unnatural.

Don’t Buy Cheap Links

Cheap links can actually hurt your site instead of helping it. You should be especially careful about getting backlinks from porn and black hat sites. Search engines hate such websites and your own site can be tagged as a low-quality entity. It would be better to have zero backlinks than to have links coming from bad websites. You should go for those with high PR links instead; like those coming from Wikipedia and other authority sites. This way, you will gain the trust of the search engines.

Quality Versus Quantity

While the number of backlinks is still important in ranking a site, the quality is indeed more important. So never sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity. Getting just one link from an authority site with a Page Rank of 9 or 10 is actually equivalent to having hundreds of backlinks from low Page Rank sites of 0 to 2. And although low PR links are important too, they really don’t carry that much weight when it comes to assessing your website’s popularity and credibility.

On-Site Optimization

Optimizing your website is also one technique that can help your site rank even if doesn’t have too many backlinks. One way to accomplish this is through the use of keywords all throughout the website. Aside from having keywords in the articles, posts, and pictures, these should be in the site’s description too. By installing such plugins as the All in One SEO, you can put in a site title and description for your website. There’s also a designated place where you can put in your keywords, so listing some of the related keywords that have high searches per month will also be good for the overall standing of your website.

SEO on Your Posts

The All in One SEO is also useful for the individual posting of articles. This way, your articles will have a high priority on the search engines since the plugin will automatically feed your article to the searches when your title and keywords are searched. This in turn will cause an increase in the traffic back to your site which is good for SEO purposes.

Backlinking and Article Writing

Backlinking and article writing are both effective when it comes to ranking websites. While some Internet Marketers prefer the backlinking method, others prefer offering fresh content to their readers every day. It’s entirely up to you which method to choose as there are different approaches in Internet Marketing, and what works for one may not work for another. The most important thing to online success is still hard work; and if you’re willing to work for it, then there’s no stopping you from becoming successful.

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