Clever Tips to Keep Your Life Organized Using Your Smartphone

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Your smartphone has a lot of uses aside from the usual text messaging, internet usage, picture, and video taking and calling your family and friends. In fact, it can be used to make your life organized. All you have to do is just know these following organizing tips to maximize your smartphone usage.

Pay with your mobile phone

Say goodbye to carrying a lot of loyalty cards and credit cards when paying the bills! Your wallet may at some point weigh you down so why not go wallet-less? There are various online applications that allow you to pay thru mobile phones.

You just have to fill up your debit or credit card info and you can pay whatever it is you need in stores. All you have to do is just click your phone and utilize sensors so that payment can be easy.

Multitask with just a click of your hand

For freelancers, this is such good news. If you are bombarded with different projects keeping track of it is difficult. Today, there are apps like Basecamp, which help you segregate your to-do list, prompt you with the due dates, and helps remind you of your schedule. If you have a lot of mobile devices, Basecamp allows you to sync from one device to another. This means that you are still covered even when you are not using your mobile phone.

Reminds your grocery lists for you

There is an app “Out of Milk” which records the grocery lists you need instead of writing the things down. Sometimes you forget certain items when you are just writing down your grocery lists. Worse, you will lose it because you think it’s just a scratch paper.

But with the app, you can make a rundown of the things you need to buy. The best part is that there are categories so you can have a thorough checklist of the things you need to buy at the grocery.

Download documents anywhere

Google Drive and Dropbox are the top cloud apps that let you save documents and later on you can retrieve it. Smartphones today especially Androids are compatible and you can sync your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. Because of this, you can download essential documents just in the nick of time.

All you have to do is be connected with the internet and you don’t need to worry about your work presentation or school homework because it is saved up in the cloud.

You are Password Protected

Sometimes, with the many internet accounts, you have like multiple emails, social media accounts, online banking, online shopping accounts, you cannot keep track of the passwords you have. RoboForm is very helpful software that helps you secure your store passwords. There is a growing fear that you may fall victim to online theft and fraud. RoboForm has you covered. Although you need to pay for about $20 a year, it is enough to keep your online accounts, protected.

Keeping yourself on track and organized is very important in this hectic life. The best you can do is making sure you are on top of things and you take advantage of your mobile phones for that.

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