Common Internet Connection Problems and How to Fix Them

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We often become too reliant on the internet that we forget it is merely a vast system that can sometimes also go wrong. In some cases, it is not entirely the World Wide Web’s fault, and there are other factors at play, but by the time we try to search for answers online – we realize that we are not online and your online world comes crumbling down.

Don’t worry. As they would say: ‘prevention is better than cure’. As we would say: knowing how to fix the problem can drive your worries away. If you are dreading the “You are not online” statement that your computer or internet may one of these days pop up, dread no more. Here are common internet connection problems and how to fix them.

Check your modem.

Your modem is the device that supplies the internet to your home from the telephone exchange (if DSL) or satellites (if wireless). In most cases of loss of internet connection, the modem is to blame.

Thus, it is rightful that the first thing you should check is the modem. Check if the power light is on and if the other lights that are normally on are there. If one is missing, then you are half-way through identifying the problem.

Check your modem’s cables (if DSL).

If you are using a DSL connection, meaning you use the phone line to supply the internet inside your home, then you will see a DSL cable hanging out of your modem connected to a wall jack. The next thing you should check is if this cable is properly and securely connected on both ends. If they are, proceed to the next steps.

Unplug and return the device (if wireless).

If you are using a wireless USB stick to gain the internet from a satellite feed, then you will need to do a simple unplug and re-plug of the device to where it is connected to your computer. Doing this will refresh the device’s connection.

Restart your modem.

Dataflow issues are quite common and this happens when you have a healthy internet connection to your modem but you cannot access any website. This may be caused by congestion in the internet line. You will need to refresh the line by doing a restart of your modem, by simply turning the modem on and off.

Restart your computer.

There are also cases when it is the computer that is having problems and the internet service is perfectly well. When you checked out all the modem factors and you still do not have the internet, try restarting your computer to refresh the system.

If none of this would work, that is the time you reach out to your computer technician or internet service provider. But before you panic and call your ISP to rant away the internet problem, take a look at and try these easy steps. What you think is something only the computer technicians can do, you can also do by yourself. You can get back online with your own help.

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