Does Your Marketing Technique Suck?

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If you have a blog that’s not making any money, your marketing techniques probably suck big time! A really effective marketing strategy will get your messages to read and spread all over the blogosphere like wildfire, thereby earning you a reasonable amount of money. And if this is not happening to you right now, then maybe you ought to rethink your marketing plans and exert more effort in making a more strategic approach.

Become a Guest Blogger

Being accepted as a guest blogger on some of the top sites within your niche will expose you to a wider audience. And why would you want this? It’s because of the free traffic that you can get from such a method. As the blog that you will be posting to is already prominent within your niche, it will always show up on the top of the search engines.

So those people who will be visiting said the site will also have access to your post that leads back to your website. Yes, you will be typically allowed to have at least one link that points to your site when you make a blog post, so that will give your readership a boost aside from having an additional backlink.

Make it Easy for Your Readers to Subscribe

Accessibility is always one of the top problems in a website’s design. Sometimes, webmasters lose their focus and just fill up all of the available spaces with ads and banners, hoping to get clicks and commissions.

But the subscriber button is important too, so this should be placed on a prominent spot near the top portion of your site. Remember that the best spot on a website’s design is the top portion, so always put the most important things way up there instead of the bottom part.

Optimized Content

While banners and widgets may prove to be important in your site’s overall design, your contents always get top priority. Strive to provide your readers with the best articles that you can offer so that they will not feel the need to move on to other sites for the information that they’re looking for.

Likewise, the search engines are not to be neglected too, as you need this for your ranking. Proper use of keywords is still recommended in order to drive organic traffic to your website.

The Frequency of Your Posts

If you are blogging about a particular subject that’s not that sensitive, a few posts per week may suffice. However, if you are covering a niche that needs updated content, you may need to post several times a day to keep your audience informed about the latest happenings. It’s always more beneficial to post regularly than intermittently, and this marketing strategy is good for SEO purposes too.

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