Do’s and Don’ts in Web Design

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When creating a website, design and layout are important factors to consider. The design of the website can create a positive or negative vibe that can then bring or chase away visitors. Elegance, ease of use, professionalism, and organization are only a few of the basic factors to take note of when you design your own website. Allow us to help you out with simple tips. Here are do’s and don’ts in designing your website.

Do: Keep the page organized.

Keep your site as simple and organized as possible. Be sure to put important links and highlights to somewhere that can easily be seen. Use simple, understandable words for your links for visitors to find them easily.

Don’t: Scatter links and advertisements within the page.

Links and adverts scattered around the home page can make your website look unorganized and messy. Arrange your links together in one area and focus the advertisements in one area as well. A scattered home page can be difficult to navigate.

Do: Highlight the web theme.

Be sure to highlight only the content that is needed to send your message across. This is commonly the website name, objective, and important links. On other content, use only one font and one color. This is to avoid highlighting every content on your home page. The incorrect highlight of your content can lead to a scattered and unorganized web layout.

Don’t: Dwell on unnecessary content.

Make your home page as clutter-free as possible. It is understandable that you would want to present all content on your home page so visitors can see what you have to offer. However, this will make your home page heavy and too much information. As much as possible, stick to titles and links only. The content and other product descriptions can be included in the sub-pages.

Do: Use appropriate color schemes.

The colors you use for your web design can set the tone and vibe of your page. If you are running a business, you will want to use color schemes that are inviting for visitors. It is also important that you use appropriate color schemes for your business or niche. For instance, if your business is about modern home products, you will want to use bold colors as this is the common color scheme for modern homes.

Don’t: Blast the page with all colors imaginable.

Avoid filling your page with many colors. As much as possible, stick with three to four colors, including the font colors. Too much color can make your page look unorganized and uninviting. The lesser the colors, the more focus you can put on the niche design and layout. This can also help easily highlight the necessary content.

If you are setting up a business and would like to venture our into web marketing, it is essential that you know how to make your site aesthetically pleasing to visitors and make them say “this site is impressive, we should look around more”. Effective web design can bring more profit to your business.

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