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Because of today’s technology, personal and face-to-face communication has been replaced by chats, cell phones, and e-mail messages. But even so, this doesn’t mean that people can be rude if they want to. And this is especially true for the email as this is still considered to be a formal form of communication as compared to chatting. There are certain guidelines to follow so as not to make impolite letters and correspondences.

Read or Unsubscribe to Mailing Lists

You will automatically get e-mail notices if you subscribe to mailing lists on certain websites. Since you have opted for this, they can send you e-mail correspondences as often as they want. This is not spam, so it would not be right to mark them as such. So if you find your mailbox being flooded by e-mails from a certain company, you can just choose to unsubscribe from their mailing option.

The unsubscribe link is usually found at the very bottom of the email letter, so you can click on that and just follow the procedures on how to unsubscribe.

Reply to E-Mails Quickly

As much as possible, you should respond to e-mail inquiries quickly; especially if it concerns your business. Because sometimes, the sender of the e-mail is waiting for your answer so as to provide some answers to a customer. So if it’s just a simple question that can be answered quickly, it would help your business a lot if you can answer the e-mail as soon as you can.

Always Be Kind

Miscommunications can often happen in online correspondences because you can’t really see a person’s facial expressions through the written words. What may be a joke to you may be taken seriously by the other party, and this will offend the other person at the other end of the conversation.

For this reason, the general rule of kindness should apply, especially if you don’t know a person that well. So always speak kindly and politely as much as you can whether you are talking to your boss, co-workers, clients, or customers. And sometimes, when appropriate, smileys can be used too.

Forwarding E-Mail

It is also common for jokes and inspirational letters to spread through the e-mail system. And it’s an acceptable practice to forward such messages to other people in your contact list.

However, you should make sure that you are not attaching the entire mailing list of the recipients to the next batch of people that you intend to forward the e-mail. E-mail addresses are personal, and these should not be spread out indiscriminately.

Internet users are decent people, and respect for one another is needed. By maintaining the proper etiquette in e-mail correspondences, you can be sure that you are not hurting anyone unintentionally.

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