Gaining Traffic: Then and Now

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All website owners know the importance of traffic in online businesses. Without any traffic, you wouldn’t have visitors and readers that can be converted into clients and customers. While a lot of information can be found on the web as to how to direct traffic to your site, you should be careful about which rules to follow. You see, what may be considered as effective marketing techniques a few years ago may no longer be deemed effective today. In fact, some methods that were useful then could even harm your website when applied to the present scenario.

SEO Through Article Directories

Getting traffic through article directories used to be effective and popular. But Google Panda has already dismantled this method, as most of the article directories that exist on the web are mainly considered as content farms.

By the term “content farm” means that the articles that are carried by these sites are of low quality and “garbage material.” So no, they are not helpful at all, as being associated with them can even get your site penalized.

Paying for Ads to Get Traffic

There was also a time when putting up your banner ads on other websites can bring you a lot of traffic. However, as mobile devices are now more popular than PCs and laptops, banner ads are no longer as effective as before too. These types of advertisements don’t really look good on mobile devices (especially mobile phones), and you can even end up losing money by utilizing this method.

Guest Posting

Fortunately, Internet Marketing methods like guest posting still work; so you can still employ this technique today. But take note, you should only guest post on reputable sites in order to effectively get traffic. Guest posting on low-quality websites and blogs might make you suspicious of spamming.

Search Engine Searches

Searches that result from the use of keywords are still highly effective today. And if you use a wide variety of long-tail keywords in your articles, you will increase the chances of your posts showing up on the search engines. While this is an acceptable practice, you should be wary of putting in too many keywords in your articles, as keyword stuffing can make your posts look bad in the eyes of search engines.

Be Sociable

Social networking sites will allow your content to be liked and shared all over the Internet. And with the millions of users that are connected to this method, you will surely get relevant traffic directed to your site.

Importance of High-Quality Content

Producing great content is still the best way to get organic traffic. Your readers will love you and bookmark your site so that they can read more of your stuff. And search engines will also make your articles accessible to Internet surfers by putting them at the top spots of search results.

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