Google vs. Facebook – The Marketing War

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If we are going to ask a hundred marketers about the best marketing platform online, we will probably get 50 votes for Google, and 50 for Facebook. Both platforms are great for marketing purposes, but is there any method to determine which one of those tools is more effective? We have an analytic tool that can give us important details about the success of a campaign. The most effective campaigns are those that combine Google and Facebook elements, but in some cases, it is not needed to spend important resources to advertise on both those services.

Marketing Strategies

GDN (Google Display Network) is a network that has the capacity to reach at least 80% of Internet users around the world. The content from this network can be marketed by interested site owners per click or per impression and the profit is split between the website (60%) and Google (40%). This network has more than 500 million users making this a very big marketing tool for your business.

On the other hand, Facebook has the capability to target certain geographical areas, interests, jobs, and pages. From this point of view, Facebook is a lot more accurate, but also more expensive. This network comes with a billion active users which is even bigger as compared to GDN.


Google seems to be more effective when it comes to customization. This giant network can reach visitors effectively with the use of different features such as their brand display solutions and performance display solutions. GDN allows you to reach users on YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and Tumblr.

While on Facebook, you can only target users from this network. Moreover, it seems that Facebook users rarely click on displayed ads, while the ones who advertise on Google are prone to get their banners and links clicked. Of course, in terms of expenses, the difference is felt in the pocket of the marketer. A Google click obtained with a PPC campaign costs $0.75 on average, while the cost of a Facebook click is only $0.2- $0.3.

Target Interests

Both Google and Facebook allow target interest, meaning that you can target only the visitors that might be interested in what you have to say or offer. Both these internet giants keep a history of the visited pages for each visitor, and this way, his or her interests are easily established. Those details are actually the basis of profits, in this way; the platforms offer marketers the perfect tool to get the best possible conversion rate.

Google introduced the principle of re-marketing. After a visit to a certain website, if the user expressed his interest in a certain topic, the ad will be displayed on other websites visited by the same person. While this method gets a great conversion rate, it is also annoying for some users, as it is a little aggressive.

Who do you think is the best when it comes to marketing? The competition is stiff and it’s always a close fight between these two giants. Regardless of what you think, these two giant networks will continue to compete with one another and for sure both will profit in one way or the other. Both networks have their own specialization and marketing is one of its fortes.

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