Guide to Choosing Fonts for Your Site’s Content

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Everyone knows how important content is in Internet Marketing and in the creation of websites. But the content’s readability is important too, especially if you want your traffic to convert into sales and commissions. By using the right fonts in creating your articles, you can make your posts appealing to your targeted customers. Having content that is difficult to read, on the other hand, can drive your readers away. And you can say goodbye to sales too.

Importance of Headlines

Your site visitors will first look at your article’s headline before reading the rest of the article. This should clearly state what the post is about, and the letters need to be larger than the rest of the body of the article too.

The most commonly used fonts for headers are Georgia and Arial. These 2 fonts are found to be easy on the eyes and reader-friendly too.

Body of the Article

You can use any type of font for the body of the article, but this should complement the font used on the headline. For this part of the post, you can use Georgia, Arial, and Verdana. Although Verdana is not good as a header, it looks good on the body of the article.

Other Texts within Your Site

You can also customize the headers on your navigation bar, taskbar, sidebar, etc. Basically, you can use any type of font for these areas as long as they’re readable.

The texts should also stand out without being too dominating, as it can create confusion on your website’s design. Having user-friendly fonts all throughout your site will make it easier for your visitors to navigate their way to the different parts of your website.

What About the Font Size?

In general, having a font size of 14 would be good, as a smaller size may be quite difficult to read. However, this still depends on your font, as different fonts will produce a different look even when the same size is employed.

Spacing Within the Article

Choose fonts that have good spacing between the letters, as having a crowded look will prove to be difficult to read. Likewise, there should also be ample spaces between paragraphs, especially if you are writing a long article.

Combining Fonts

Yes, you can use different types of fonts within your article and within your website. This will actually make your site more appealing. Just make sure that you are consistent with a particular theme so as not to end up with a messed up look.

So if you are going to use a formal font, it would be good to stay within that category. Combining formal and playful fonts may not give your site a professional and credible image.

Popular and Unpopular Fonts

If you want to keep your website looking clean and organized, the following fonts are recommended: Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Helvetica, and Lucida Grande. Try to keep away from fonts that are not reader-friendly; such as Baskerville and Comic Sans.

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