Helpful Tips on How to Start Domaining

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Domaining is one of the many lucrative ways to profit with the use of the Internet. This is the act or practice in which you identify and acquire through registration multiple domain names and eventually sell them for an inflated price. This is considered to be lucrative for this business can provide you thousands of dollars in a day.

It can even make you an instant millionaire just like Yun Ye who earned $164 million by selling his domain portfolio back in 2005. Domaining is like investing and there are strategies you need to apply to start right in the business and probably end as a millionaire. Here are some helpful tips you can apply to have a bright future in the domaining business.

Check out the Trends

To be a successful domainer, you must have the ability to foresee what will be the hottest in the days to come. Be watchful and observant, see what you think will be popular, and apply it in your domain business. The key here is to know where to watch trending news, make use of RSS and check it from time to time.

Determine the Right Name

Newbie domainers sometimes have difficulty choosing the right name for a domain. If you’re a beginner then fret not, because this tip will surely help you. In choosing the right name, first, you must determine the industry and brand you want. For example, you feel that mobile phones are the hottest craze right now, and then choosing “” is the first thing you’ll think of.

Although a generic name is not bad, it is still better to opt for a branded name. For sure people searching for mobile phones already have a brand name in mind. Next, think of a brand name that is popular that you think you can profit from like So you see, this is how to come up with a domain name that will bring you profit.

Obtain a Meaningful Name

It is said that a short name is highly commendable because human brains can only remember short names faster than longer ones. The same is true in domaining. You must choose a short name yet ensure that it is a meaningful one. Although short domain names are hard to formulate and mostly are already taken, it is still worth it. Short names have bigger chances of being remembered and typing it is easy which is what most users want.

Advertise to Get Noticed

Advertising is also required to get your domain names noticed. Make use of the Internet and search for different programs or websites that offer domain advertisements. Make sure the website has a proven track record and has many users. By doing so, you’ll increase the possibility of your domain names being noticed.

If you’re planning to start a home-based business and could possibly earn a lot then domaining is one of your best options. Just do your research, be creative, and do your assignments and for sure you will just like be Yun Ye who earned millions in the world of domaining.

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