How Long Should You Spend Time on the Internet?

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The internet has become a regular part of our daily lives. We use it for work, for school, for socializing, and for research. It helps us in many ways – whether with our needs or wants – that many of us consider it a necessity. Some of us even stay connected 24/7.

As helpful as it is, there is such a thing as “internet addiction”. It is when you spend so much time on the internet that your life (figuratively) depends on it. Is it healthy? Experts will tell you it isn’t. So how long should you spend time on the internet?

What You Do

Although plenty of studies are being done to measure the limits and effects of internet use, it still all boils down to what you do and what you need the internet for.

For those who work over the internet or need the internet for their work, it is understandable to spend at least seven to eight hours in front of the computer, browsing the internet, as long as it is a productive task.

On the other hand, browsing the internet is another story to consider, especially if it is not work-related anymore. Nevertheless, experts say that the ideal routine when using the internet, to ensure that you are well-balanced, is to take a break from electronic devices for at least 15 minutes every hour. This gives you 45 minutes to spend in front of your gadgets and the internet. This is also to make sure you give your eyes and body the rest that it needs.

Kids on the Internet

Kids, teens, and young adults are the ones who actually spend the most time on the internet. Ages 12 – 27 are the peak ages of social media activeness and using the internet for entertainment.

While this has been a common practice and may seem like a normal thing in many households, experts advise that children, teens, and young adults should not spend more than two hours over the internet, unless it is work-related of course.

This means that younger people, especially children, should not spend the majority of their time glued to the screens of their mobiles. This has been a topic for debate for a long time now, and it is still ongoing as to whether it is healthy to expose young people to the internet all the time.

It develops dependency and a lack of self-esteem. For young people, interactions should happen more personally than on social media.

Spending time on the internet is also equivalent to the time you will miss spending it in real life. This virtual reality has become a part of our lives now, but those who grew up without the internet will tell you that life is still better when experienced to the fullest.

So what we’re saying basically is that the internet is and will always be an important factor in our lives now, but it should not take so much factor. Watch your internet hours, mate.

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