How Social Bookmarking Can Increase Website Traffic

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If you really want to increase your website traffic, you will get involved in social media sites and engage in social bookmarking activities too. A great majority of online users are addicted to social networking sites, so it will be an easy way to target them when offering new products or services. In fact, the method of marketing and selling through this system is now widely accepted as consumers are also looking for convenient ways of shopping for their needs.

Importance of Social Bookmarking

Being socially bookmarked means that your site can be easily found on the World Wide Web. And that also means that your posts can be easily shared throughout all the existing social networking sites on the Internet. As you can already tell, this can lead to a lot of traffic that can convert into sales.

Moreover, having a lot of shared content can also result in having multiple links that are pointing back to your site. These backlinks are good for SEO purposes since they can make your site stronger and more authoritative.

Bookmark Title

If you’re going to bookmark your website or posts on social media sites, it would be good to pick catchy titles. You need to make it stand out so that the readers will become interested in checking out the link. Of course, the catchy title needs to be relevant to your site or blog too. Otherwise, it can confuse the viewers.

Description of Your Website

Having a short description of your website will also have an effect on its click rate. First of all, the description should be attractive. And putting in a brief explanation of what your site is about will be truly helpful to online searchers too.


Putting your site or blog in its proper category is required too. This is done for the search engines and for human beings as people will be looking at the categories when searching for particular topics. And finding your site or posts in the wrong category will give the impression that you are not an efficient webmaster.

Rich Content

It has been said again and again how important content is on one’s website. Your articles should be unique and original, and proper keywords also need to be sprinkled all throughout the article for the search engines.

And it is also recommended that social media buttons are found underneath every article so that readers can share it with their friends.

Socializing in Social Networking Sites

Your presence on social networking sites would be more effective if you are literally being sociable with the other members. One way to do this is by bookmarking the posts of other people who have also bookmarked your articles, as returning favors is always a sign of goodwill.

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