How to Ace the Freelancing World

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With the increasing popularity of freelancing, more people are quitting their corporate jobs and switch to being an online freelancer.

Why is freelancing rapidly increasing?

You get the liberty of working at the comfort of your home, or any place that has a stable internet connection, has control of your work schedule and gets a competitive salary package.Millions of clients are looking for their employees remotely. Whilst this could mean vast job resources, this could also mean great competition amongst fellow freelancers.

How do you give yourself an edge over millions of freelancers eyeing for the same job?

Follow these effective tips to be a rock star in the freelancing world.

Setting up your workplace

A workplace does not need to be grand or spacious; it just needs to be a quiet place where you can do all your work. You could simply allocate a space in your room or sit on the kitchen table.

If your home is not conducive to freelancing, you can go to any coffee shop where there’s unlimited coffee and strong Wi-Fi connection. Your workplace, regardless of its location, just needs to be free from any distraction and can make you focus in doing your job.

Branding yourself

Creating a good brand of yourself will make you stand out amongst other freelancers as it gives you a perfect opportunity to promote your business.

How do you brand yourself?

You can either go by just your name or you can incorporate a business name. Adding a logo, business card and business phone number and address will also give you an edge. Most importantly, you should create a website where you can showcase your skills and portfolios.

Creating your portfolio

To be a top freelancer, you should create an impeccable portfolio. Having a portfolio attracts client easily as it gives them security that you have the skills and experience to perform the job.

Keep these in mind when building a portfolio:

  • Showcase the projects that you believe represents your best works.
  • Display diversity in your work. For example, if you are a writer, provide various article samples of different niches to show your diversity.
  • Don’t forget to include your contact information so that clients can get in touch with you easily.

Setting estimates and rates

Setting a rate for your services is critical amongst freelancers. If you set a rate that is too low, the clients may see you as incapable and amateur. If you charge too much, you risk not getting the job as the client may opt for a freelancer that bids a lower price.

Explore other freelancers in the same industry and get a rough estimate of what they’re charging the clients.

Marketing and promotion

Newbies in the freelancing world may find it initially challenging to get clients. Create marketing strategies and promotions to get your name out there.

Freelancing world is not easy. You need to be high-skilled, well-motivated and tremendously patient to reach the top. Slowly climb towards the top by following these tips mentioned above.

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