How to Become Internet Savvy

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Internet dependency has become remarkably prevalent that everyone who have access to computers should know at least a thing or two with working the web. Although there are some ‘cons’ with having too much internet exposure and dependency, we cannot ignore the fact that the world wide web has helped many of us in many ways – in education and communication.

Knowing the basics of the internet can be extremely helpful. Here are some tips on how to become internet savvy.

Bookmark your favorite sites

The ability to bookmark your favorite websites is a clever innovation by internet browsers. It gives users the convenience of just one click to access the sites they visit the most.

Bookmarking your favorite sites can help you work faster with the internet and this will make you learn faster.


The best way to make productive use of the internet is to use it for research. The internet is a vast network of information that you can access with just a few clicks. If you use it well enough, you can take a lot of knowledge from it.

Some would even share the story that they searched for one idea and ended up clicking to the next and next link until they are stuffed with new information. Just be careful and filter only the most trusted sites when you do your research.

Use it for electronic subscriptions

Another convenience that the internet offers us, and many companies are now starting to adopt, is electronic subscriptions. For example, you don’t have to wait for your paper bills to arrive before you know how much you need to pay. In fact, you can choose to not receive paper bills anymore, which is practical and environment friendly. You can subscribe to online statements and see your bills with just a few clicks.

Join social media and be engaged

Although many people still do not believe in the benefits of social media, it actually is a helpful tool if you use it the right way. When we say the right way, we mean you use social media for what it really is – to socialize and connect. Socialize with your high school batchmates who are now halfway around the world. Communicate with your family who lives in another state. Simple actions that would connect you to people who are not physically present.

Use the internet to read news

Current events, news items – you name it, the internet will always have it first before it even reaches the breaking news or the papers.

If you are one to keep track of current events and would like to be at the top of every news break, the internet is your buddy with the refresh button being your number one accomplice.

Being perceptive on how to use this powerful tool is essentially convenient. Plus, knowing the ins and outs of the internet can help avoid fraud cases, identity theft, and other crimes committed by bandits lurking in the massive world of cyberspace.

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