How to Earn Money on Instagram

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Earning money through different social media platforms is the newest trend when it comes to making a few to a hundred bucks online. Instagram, being one of the most popular and top downloaded Apps in IOS and Android, has more than 300 million users all around the world.  About 70 million photos are uploaded every day and about 100 million are inspired to take beautiful snapshots and post in their accounts every day. But how can you possibly earn with Instagram? Is it that easy?

Before going to the nitty-gritty part of earning money on Instagram, you should consider the number of followers you have, the type of photos you post, and how often you post everyday.

These are the details most brands are looking for because they want to tie up with someone who has a loyal and strong following on IG. These brands, whether big or small wants to build a partnership with the people who can deliver their product and at the same time interact with their followers.

If you lack in this department, you can always make up for it by:

  • Engaging in your followers by liking their posts, leaving inspiring comments on their photos, or simply replying to their comments.
  • The right information on your bio by writing concise and truthful things about you. You can even leave your email address for inquiries and possible tie-ups.
  • Quality photos are the way to go. Make sure your photos are of good quality. Take photos from your DSLR to produce high-quality photos. Don’t forget to edit the brightness and contrast make it more appealing.
  • Post regularly but don’t flood your account. This is one of the trusted ways to gain followers even if you are not a celebrity.

Find sponsors and create sponsored posts

This is one of the most effective ways to start your way of earning money on Instagram. The post can either be a photo or video where you create a post for a sponsored brand. Then don’t forget to use the @(product name), the brand’s hashtag, and even the links.  

You can visit TapInfluence and Ifluenz to know more about Instagram sponsored content and how to align your posts with the brands you would like to promote.

Try affiliate marketing

Another interesting way to earn money is to promote a product through a post get paid item sold. This is mostly done by bloggers as they promote products in their blog sites. Instagram is no different than that too.  Create a post that highlights the product, and, include a caption that links through the sales website.

Sell your photos

Got good photography skills? Why not sell your photos? Since Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking App, there is no other way to advertise your photography skills by selling them to agencies or individuals. 

It is important though to have an active IG presence, have the right hashtags to engage more people in your account. You can sell your pictures at Twenty20 and/or Community Foap.

Into business, then promote it on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to promote your business online. Whether you are selling products and services, the App holds an integral part of your growing business. Take snaps of our products or shoot a BTS or “behind the scene” video or even upload customer photos enjoying your products and services. These posts will gain more followers and customers buying what you have to offer.

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