How to Improve Website Layout to Drive Traffic

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The core of any successful website is the quality of service and the accessibility of your website. Most website offer these but there are some websites that are still pondering why they do not have that much traffic. When you think about it, it all boils down to your first impression and the question is, what is the first impression of your website? The answer is your homepage. The homepage is the first image that people will see on your website. Therefore, you need to make the first impression right then and there. So, how do you make that lasting first impression to your visitors and guests? Here are some tips on how to improve website layout in order to drive traffic.

1. Keep things simple

Take the minimalist approach when it comes to website layout especially on your homepage. Try not to give out everything but more about the summary of each part of your website. This will help visitors become more interested in your website as they will surely try to investigate more.

Do not think of your website as simple and boring when in fact, you can always put more content within your homepage. It is a matter of making things more convenient through simplicity rather than providing them confusion with complexity.

2. Simplify your content

As with simplifying the layout of your homepage, make sure that you also simplify the content. Use a content slider to organize the information into a compact space. Use a tabbed navigation system in order to organize the main content from the side content of your website. It makes your content become more readable.

3. Simple navigation

The best way to tell if your website has easy navigation is by opening your website on your screen and then step back a few feet away. If you see that the screen is filled with a lot of text and there seems to be no way of telling where to go from your homepage then you have a problem.

Get rid of the messy text and make sure that the navigation menu is more prominent than your content. This will help your visitors know that these are the tools for them to navigate through the website.

4. Color and images

The colors on your website should be pleasing in the eyes. It should not be distracting and it should represent the brand you are carrying.

Use header and footer tags in order to break up the content. Make sure that when you upload images, it stands a purpose inside your website. Never use font smaller than 11.

Simplicity does not always mean mediocrity. Take the minimalist approach when it comes to designing and improving your website for better traffic. Some may tell you that the simpler you take your website, the lesser chances you get with your traffic but the fact still remains that a lot of people do not like clutter and it goes to show that people would rather choose a simpler approach to their website.

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