How to Make Your Social Media Post Trending

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Today’s social media happened to get a lot of attention. In fact, the whole concept of having a social media network is to have a conversational circle where people tend to respond and react to random ideas, graphics, or otherwise. Everyone’s opinion gets to be seen at these networks and the moment it reaches some numbers of attention, it gets the trend, which means, the number of likes, shares, and reactions increased considerably. The goal of tags and hashtags is to get as much audience as possible.

Now, in case you are concerned about increasing the trend out of your social media post, there are a few things you can simply work on.

There is indeed some great formula essential in creating an interesting social media appearance. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who started the trend, only until it goes famous.


The tendency of posting something relevant to headlines on the news is one great way of titillating replies from people on your friend’s list. And the moment such people share and expanded exposure of your post to his or her friend’s list of followers, your posts progress towards trending is near. It simply requires proper timing.


When your post stays for a few days with consistent reactions coming in, the tenure is counting. A huge social media presence matters when one particular post would last on feeds for a few days or weeks.

Eventually, if it gets the right amount of time without a miss of being responded to, your post is well and good.


If you have a strong command among your social network, you have somewhat imposed a sense of influence in one way or another. The same influence gets noticed, discussed, and eventually shared with others. When this happens, you have started making a social media post which is worth a remark for it to eventually end up trending.


The way you present your social media post depends on your creativity. So instead of presenting a vague and nude post, you better post some interesting, creative, and conspicuous structure.

This way, you will see your quick success in creating a trending post which would mean a great deal of time from you from then on.

When you have been wondering how you can create a trending post, the above can likely get you through such a goal. Simply go about some smart ideas, and present it in the same manner as writers do when they make titles for their work, and you will surely be on the right track. Above are the best ideas to consider when it comes to making a social media post trending.

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