How to Take Amazing iPhone Photos

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iPhone is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind when it comes to taking high quality, almost SLR type of photos.  Most photos uploaded on social media and even on photo streaming websites usually came from the iPhone. Its point-and-shoot quality is easier to use than a professional camera but its quality is always in high regard.  In fact, you don’t need to use Photoshop and filters to get the shot you want. With a few accessories and utilizing the composition techniques in taking photos, you can never go wrong with taking snaps on your iPhone.

Veer the Subject Away from the Center

It is the natural instinct of the one taking a photo to put the subject in the center of the frame. Yes, it looks nice but it can be fantastic and even intriguing if you veer the subject away from the focal point, which is in center. If you put the subject on the side frame, you are revealing a dimension like the surroundings of the subject. This is very useful if you take photos outdoor to reveal the natural environment that surrounds the subject. Experts believe this gives the viewer a preview of the whole place and why you want to take that snap.

Fill-up the Whole Frame

Frames are used to focus the eye of the viewer on the subject. However, there are alternatives like forget the frame and just fill the whole picture with the subject.

This is very useful when you are taking photos of food or flowers or anything that takes the whole space of the frame. It is, however, important to crop to avoid empty spaces especially around the edge.

Use Accessories

You can pair your iPhone with different lenses to help vary your shots. Some of these are Olloclip, pro-level macro lenses and so much more. The price varies depending on your preference so if you are into photography or iPhonography, you can always use the different lenses.

Tripods and remote controls are also very helpful! Tripods are best used when taking photos at night or when subjects are fast-moving because you don’t want the photos to come out shaky.

Additionally, taking groupfies or selfies can be restrictive because of your hands. So why not take control and just snap photos by syncing Bluetooth remote camera to make things life easier?

Lines Tell  Story

Leading lines are often heard when talking to a professional photographer. It is a very powerful tool because it leads the viewer’s eyes from all across the focal point of your photo. Horizontal, vertical, or sometimes curved lines, as long as there are leading lines in your photo, it connects the viewer’s eyes to the focal point. Using this technique is very efficient when talking pictures of superhighways, streets, stairs, or architectures.

Explore the Camera’s Features

The best way to utilize good quality photos is to always check the camera features. You can see there are options for auto-focus,  the brightness and light, burst mode, AE/AF lock and so much more.

You can play around and change the default setting to get the best possible shot.

Truly there is no need to make use of photo filters to your iPhone photo beautiful. Simple hacks can be done to provide better quality shots as you pose it on your social media website.

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