Impress Your Employers with an Astounding Freelance Profile

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Sometimes, no matter how pretty your profile picture in the freelance websites or how vast your experiences are in the online world, you still don’t generate leads or get the jobs you always want. It makes you wonder where you went wrong. Yes, competition is tough in the online world, and getting your favorite job is difficult. But what should you do? The answer is simple. You have to up your game and make a polished profile that will set you high above the rest.

To do that, these are some proven tips that you might want to try and make your profile shine above the rest.

Have a Decent Profile Picture

No, don’t upload the photo where you spent your summer on the beach with your two-piece on or the time you were taken a funny and cute photo of you eating your favorite burger because you wish to be a freelance blogger.

This is also not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Kik where you set your profile photo of you traveling elsewhere. Make sure you upload a photo where you set a first impression on the employers. Make sure you are well dressed, there is adequate lighting and you look professional. This will make the employers think you are reputable and are applying for the job.

Think of a one-liner title

Having a witty one-liner will guarantee to make the employer stop and open your profile out of the maybe hundreds of applicants looking for an online job. A good profile title should make a good impression and it can make or break your career in the freelance industry. Be creative and think of fun, but still professional sounding profile titles to attract clients.

Think about how to properly construct your overview

The overview basically tells the employer your experiences, skills, certifications, and your work attitude in the online world. There are no word limits on the overview page so don’t be afraid to showcase your talent.

However, don’t go overboard too because they might think you are making up stories. Just make it straight to the point and as concise as possible.

Don’t forget to add your experiences and feedbacks

Since employers have no way of verifying your credibility online, having your client’s feedbacks or previous employer’s feedback can help your cause in winning leads online. Positive feedbacks are very welcome because it gives future employers an idea of your work ethics. Don’t forget to add your experiences too. This is the most important and deciding factor for hiring managers because they know if you are fit for whatever they are looking for.

Your skillset will come in handy as you welcome a new job and they want to know if you are highly trainable or if you can take on the possible pressure you may face while working for them

Online Tests and Taking Certifications are an Advantage

Although not a must, taking online tests are an advantage to your career. There are freelance websites that host different tests like grammar, Java Script tests, typing tests, email etiquette tests, and many more. These will help you develop your skill and know the rules of engagement when doing different online jobs. The certificates and having passed the exams will give you an edge over other competitors on the job you always wanted to have online.

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