Is Article Marketing Dead?

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The method of article marketing has existed for a long time and it has made a lot of sites rank in the search engines. However, with the unfolding of the Google Panda, a lot of article directories were targeted and those that have backlinks from these sites were heavily penalized. The question now is whether this system is still working; or is article marketing dead?

Choosing the Right Article Directories

This type of system is so effective and useful that it will be quite difficult to put a stop to it. The internet runs on articles, and contents literally make the world go round in the World Wide Web.

If you want to benefit from it, then you should only submit papers to reputable directories. There are those that are called “content farms” and these are not the type of directories that you would want to be involved with.

You should instead go for the highly respected ones which implement strict rules and guidelines. This will assure you that the site is high ranking and that search engines are not appalled by it.

Submit High-Quality Articles

You should make it a point that you submit them to article directories that are always of good quality. These should be informative about the particular topic being taken up and there should be relevant details too.

Fluff and filler can be easily detected by the search engines and keyword stuffing can also lead to disaster. So make sure that high-quality papers with perfect grammar are the only ones linking to your site.

No Duplicate Content

Some lazy internet marketers choose to post 1 article to several directories, but this is a bad idea as it will come up as duplicate content. Instead of gaining some valuable backlinks from the papers, it can even present a problem as search engines dislike copied materials. And needless to say, those directories that accept duplicate only shows that they are one of those low-quality sites that are called content farms.

High PR Article Directories

They have remained clean through the years all carry high page rank ratings. So that’s one thing that you can look for when submitting your papers.

Furthermore, reputable sites will require you to submit unique and original articles that are well written. If you see these rules on certain sites, then it’s an indication of its credibility.

Article Marketing Isn’t Dead

We can say, that a lot of content farms perished during the outbreak of the Google Panda. If you submit your high-quality papers to credible directories, then your site will still benefit from the link juice coming from these directories. And not only that, but your site’s traffic can also increase immensely as they can also drive readers to your webpage.

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