Is Being Online 24/7 a Convenience?

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In a society where the majority of communications and current events are seen and done online, it can sometimes be a challenge to go off the grid. Especially if you rely much on the internet for work and communications, being online 24/7 has proven to be a convenience for many. But is being online all the time really healthy? Here are the pros and cons to help you decide.

Pro: Access to work anytime

It’s not only for the internet and home-based people but also for those who work in offices. If you are online all the time, you have easy access to work and other work-related researches that can help you big time.

Con: No rest even on rest days

Being online all the time means you can be reached even during your rest days. This means it’s not exactly a “rest day” but rather a “stay in your home but you still need to work” day.

Pro: Real-time access to current events

If you are the type to follow the news and current events, then you can download news apps and turn on notifications to get the latest news all the time. As for personal life, you can get updated with your family and friends who are active in social media too.

Con: Being glued to your phone

Let’s face it: there are simply a lot of current events that can pique your interest just like that. Then it would lead you to another link, then another. The result? You are glued to your phone for hours.

Pro: Constant communication with family/friends

If you are away from home or have family and friends abroad, this is a perfect medium to communicate. Video calls, free calls, and texts have helped many family and friends stay in touch and keep the ties strong.

Con: Lack of attention to the people you are with

When you are too preoccupied with “chatting” or calling your mates through the internet, you might take for granted the people who are already in front of you. This is accurately represented by a group of friends who dine together yet all of them are glued to their mobile phones and there is little interaction.

Pro: Unlimited entertainment options

When you’re online, you can watch shows and movies, you can play games, you can read books, and basically any form of entertainment. You don’t need to bring a book (too bulky), stay at home to watch your shows, and bring your game gadgets – you have it all in one gadget.

Con: Procrastination tendencies

With easy access to almost any form of entertainment is also the tendencies to put off the things that you need to accomplish. The result? Cramming to submit your report five minutes before the deadline.

Like anything else in the world we live in, too much of something is bad. Although the internet has helped the world a lot in terms of communication, one can sometimes question the value of it, especially when personal interactions are placed in the backseat. One thing is for sure, a balanced life online and offline is good for your emotional, psychological, personal, and professional life.

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