Is WordPress the Best Blogging Solution?

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If you are an absolute newbie in the world of web design
and programming and you Google search a solution that might allow you to create a blog with minimum costs, you will find two main services of this type. Blogger, which is the Google platform for web development, and WordPress, which is open-source, and the hottest CMS or content management system used by developers to create websites. Even if Blogger has some pretty good facilities, WordPress is more popular, mainly because it comes with an increased number of widgets and plugins that are not found on Blogger.

However, as your website grows and you need more and more facilities for it, you will start to have performance issues. Well, most issues arising on WordPress sites are related to MySQL queries. There are cases when your website is overloaded thus causing it to operate slowly. The queries are the commands that are executed from the MySQL server, the database of the WordPress platform, where dynamic content is stored such as users, postings, links, and widgets.

The Ideal Execution Time

The execution time I’m referring to is the time spent by your system to perform or execute a certain task. The execution time of a script determines the performance of a website. This period must not be more than one second especially if you host the files on your personal computer.

However, for a hosting provider, the ideal execution time must even be shorter than one second. A longer time means weak performance; some claimed that two seconds loading time is more of a decent interval.

The performance of your WordPress website is also determined by the WordPress version that you are using. For example, WordPress 3.0.4 executes 15 queries in 0.3 seconds, while WordPress 3.2.1is capable of high performance, even for complex websites making this CMS one of the best blogging solutions ever.

To give you a tip, the performance of a website can be determined by any visitor, by looking on the footer of the website as well as by searching it in the HTML source code of the respective page.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress Performance Optimization framework that can increase the reliability of your website to another level. It hastens up the performance of your server and at the same time reduces the download time! One of its major benefits is it enables a transparent content delivery network.

Blogger, on the other hand, is simpler in terms of facilities and customization features; some say that Blogger themes are a lot more interesting and customizable however the number of widgets and facilities offered is quite limited as compared to WordPress. Because of this, you can consider WordPress as the best blogging solution there is.

A Word of Advice

Although WordPress is a superb CMS tool, you still need to make sure to back up your site especially if you are using a tutorial to modify your sources, as you could damage your website greatly. In case this happens, you will only need to revert to the backup point.

Which is which?

Blogger is the best platform for beginners, while intermediate programmers and web designers would prefer WordPress. Most advanced users prefer to write the codes themselves, creating a unique platform. In terms of optimization, some say that Blogger is a lot more Google-friendly and it is normal, considering that Blogger is a Google service after all. On the other hand, the officials stated that Google encourages WordPress websites if you’re after for search ranking.

Both Blogger and WordPress are great blogging tools anyone can use; it really depends on which tool you find it easier to navigate and to help you be more creative. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to decide which is really the best blogging solution between the two.

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