Limiting Your Children’s Dependency on the Internet

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Children now, same with the adults, are so dependent on the Internet. The dependency of people on the Internet is getting graver each time. As parents or guardians, letting your children be like that may not be ideal.

Living and limiting their lives on the Internet is something that you should never allow to happen. It came almost as a norm that children run into the Internet for almost everything.

Children, as they open their eyes in the morning will run immediately to the computers, failing to sleep early because of using the computer, almost everything is all about the computer.

Is it healthy? Actually, it should be helpful but excessive use of it is definitely no. Now, your role and responsibility as their guardian are to make sure that things will just be at the right place to ensure that they can salvage all the benefits that modern technology can give in moderation.

Encourage them to read books

One of the things that even adults fail to do is to read books. Children, instead of reading books would rather just browse the Internet.

Encourage them to read, buy books that you know can call their interest. Sitting on the couch while reading books than on the computer table and browsing the Internet, is far healthier.

Invite them to different workshops and activities where they can meet new friends

Your children may just choose to stay home and do their usual internet browsing than attending different workshops and activities. Here is the thing, because of their “addiction” to the Internet, they neglect other activities they can do.

Know what they want, are they musically inclined? Do they love sports? Instead of letting them stay at home while in front of the computers, invite them to activities and workshops, they may not know exists. A piano lesson, swimming or basketball, let them enjoy activities and let them mingle with real-life children.

Introduce them to different games that can let them interact with people

It can be sports like baseball or basketball, it can be as simple as different board games, and the like, introducing them to games that will let them interact with others is highly recommended. Do not let them get stuck with their cyber friends.

Start introducing indoor games and let them play with the entire family. This will not just tighten the bond of families, but as well as avoiding them from meeting strangers that you may not know the intentions.

Discipline them about the time they can access their computers and gadgets

There is no better way than giving them a schedule as to what time they can only access their computers and gadgets, and that they need to strictly follow. This will discipline them and at the same time, giving them time to welcome new activities other than staying in front of their computers.

You do not want to deprive them of course with the things they can get out of the Internet, but of course, all should be controlled and moderated.

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