Link Building for 2013

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Running a blog or a website successfully is possible only if
you’re able to get lots of targeted traffic towards your blog. Attracting the desired number of visitors is attainable if you’re using the right techniques for SEO. Doing SEO for your blog is not that easy for there are always reinventions by search engines on a regular basis. Gone are the days when achieving a higher rank have been very easy. Today, Google panda and penguin have made it really difficult to improve a site’s ranking. The processes have become pretty complicated. When it comes to SEO, the role of link building cannot be ignored. In order to get noticed by Google panda and penguin, you should have to double-check your link-building strategy. Here are some useful ideas for effective link building and for improving the PageRank of your website.

Create Your Wikipedia Page

Though Wikipedia pages are not very reliable for most of them don’t really contain authentic information yet most businesses can use these pages. Through Wikipedia, you can get a backlink for your website. Also, in order to make the page look trustworthy and authoritative, you should include brand names.

This leaves an impression on search engines that your company is reliable and good. This is an option for those companies that are big enough to warrant a page. However, if you don’t own a big company, you should seek out pages that are relevant to your niche. You can search statements that require sources. You can provide content for such statements and claim your website as a source.

Giveaways and Samples for Popular Bloggers

Another way to generate useful links to your page is to give samples and gifts of your products to famous review bloggers. These bloggers review products on a regular basis and they can add a link to your website along with the reviews. This helps generate great referral traffic towards your blog.

There is a lot of software that can be used to find influential and social bloggers within your industry or niche. One such tool is the peer index. You can use this tool anytime to find the required bloggers.

Deals and Coupons

Offering deals or running a promotion is another great way to build useful links. In this way, your website could be mentioned on a variety of deals and flash sale websites. So you don’t only get backlinks, you also gained referral traffic. Most of all, this technique helps you promote brand awareness and increase sales.

Make a List of Influential People

Well, this is probably one of the easiest ways to get backlinks. You can mention the names of popular people in your line of industry who are in the process of building their reputation. When you mention their names on your blog, they will surely be flattered by this honor.

It will be pretty exciting for them and there are chances that they will share your link to their social media account. This in turn helps drive traffic to your blog.

When building backlinks for your blog or website, you must remember that search engines are no longer interested in paid and broken links. Before creating a backlink, make sure that it is natural and real. Otherwise, your PageRank will not significantly increase.

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