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Knowing how to create and market e-books is a great way to earn passive income on the Internet. With just one piece of work, you can continuously make money for all the years to come without really adding anything to it. It’s already a done package, and it’s available for sale to the public just like a real book. So after putting in all the work at the beginning of the project, you can expect income from the sales of your e-books continuously.

E-Book Pricing

Putting a price on your e-book can be quite challenging, and this should not be done carelessly too. The price will definitely depend on the type of e-book and the topic covered. Is it an informational book? A storybook? Or a guide book? Moreover, you should also check on your competitors to see how they are putting prices on their products. Although you would want to earn big from your e-book, you would want to have a competitive price for it in order to attract customers.

High Price Versus Low Price

You should never underprice your e-book, especially during its first release, as this will give the impression of a low-quality book. People will somehow judge an e-book by its price, so it’s really necessary to set the right price for your e-book on the release date.

You will find the right price for your type of e-book by comparing it with your competitors. And you should find that your e-book is not selling at all, then you might consider lowering its price so as to make it more attractive for the consumers.

Printed Book Versus Digital Book

Obviously, you can hold a printed book physically and store it on a book shelf. Typically, printed books can be quite pricey compared to digital books as their production involves higher expenses. Printing costs are involved in making physical books, whereas e-books are made digitally and can therefore be reproduced at a very minimal cost.

However, both types of books are created with ideas; and this common ground makes them both very valuable. For this reason, you will sometimes find that printed books and digital books sometimes carry the same price. It’s because ideas are priceless, and ink and paper are not as valuable.

Marketing Your E-Book

Marketing e-books is very similar to promoting printed publications. You can use the Internet to promote such products and you can even allow your site visitors to download the e-book directly from your website.

Needless to say, it is more effective to sell e-books on the internet as most of the web surfers are into digital products when they are browsing the net. And since e-book readers are now on the rise, the popularity of e-books is also increasing day by day.

Passive Income Through Your E-Book

Your e-book can indeed be a source of passive income especially when a lot of customers are patronizing it. You can adapt multiple techniques to improve your sales, like offering discounts during certain times of the year or by selling a number of e-books in one bundle. Combining different techniques and strategies will allow you to sell your creation to a wider audience effectively.

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