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For anyone who enjoys browsing social media so much every day, you might want to reassess and see just how much time you are spending on these social media platforms. If you answer somewhere in the middle of “at least two hours” to “basically every chance you can get” (which is actually every second), then it’s time to take the social media browsing skill up a notch. What do we mean, you ask?

Well, since you enjoy these platforms so much and as what they would say – do what you love – you might want to consider making it your day job. That’s right, earning money while browsing and getting entertained is something you can make a living out of. Interested? Here’s how.

Social Research

For some companies and businesses, social research is their key to know what investments would generate faster and more profit from the public.

What better way to do the research then in one place where you can get all the details – social media. Your job? Research about the latest trends and hype for your employer.


Being a blogger, you can either work for someone and maintain their blog sites, or you can create your own blog and get sponsors (more like a business). Blogging is another type of job you can make as your main source of income, provided that you keep the blog interesting and up to date.

Online Business

One of the most common and widely invested ways of making social media your day job is to open an online business. This can vary from products to services and other means of selling.

The main goal is to promote and grow your own business and the best platform to do that while you stay at home is through social media. From your social media business, you can reach farther and wider scopes of clients.

Marketing Manager

Corporate businesses and big companies also take some advice and strategic managements from social media platforms. This serves them well in terms of growing the business and researching new marketing strategies or investments that they can add to the market. Your job is to be the marketing manager in the social media department, where you study the latest trends to come up with profitable business plans.

Public Relations

Another type of job that will work directly through social media platforms is “Public Relations” where your task is to take care of your company’s public presence by ensuring the publicity remains positive and good, which can have a positive impact on the business.

When you are enjoying what you do, it’s easy to become productive and engaged. Especially with social media, where you can mix business and pleasure into one. The great thing about it is you can either work for someone or a company, or you can start your own business and be your own boss. There are plenty of options that will make you want to up your social media skills even more.

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