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WordPress has been one of the most popular and favorite of many bloggers around the world. From its launching back on May 27, 2003, WordPress had remained at the top of the blogging industry.

As of August 2013, it was found out that more than 18.9% of the websites use WordPress. It is an impressive feat for a free and open-source blogging tool.

Benefits of using WordPress

  • With WordPress, bloggers and owners of online businesses have an option to save money by opening their website by themselves instead of hiring others to design and build their website.
  • With WordPress, it is easy to create a website for all people with varying degrees of knowledge on website-making. WordPress is simple to understand and use.
  • With WordPress, you are able to change and update your website whenever you want. It is easy to do this with the various themes available to its users.
  • With WordPress, people can easily see your website using search engines. WordPress websites are ranked higher in search engines compared to other websites.
  • With WordPress, the functionality of your website can be extended with the various plug-ins available to users such as complex galleries, SEO optimization kits, and many more. With the thousands of plug-ins in the WordPress’ library, what are the most popular plug-ins among bloggers?

Out of the more than 26,000 WordPress plug-ins, here are five of the most downloaded ones.

All in One SEO Pack

This plug-in automatically optimizes your website for search engines. Search engine optimization is important to generate more traffic for your website.

All in One SEO Pack helps you make your website into a search engine-friendly website by generating metatags, optimizing your title posts, and many more. All in One SEO Pack is also the only plug-in which allows users to optimize e-Commerce sites for search engine.


Are you tired of reading irrelevant or inappropriate comments? Then, Akismet is the right WordPress plug-in for you. Akismet checks all comments submitted to your website and compares them against the Akismet web service in order to let you know which comment is spam. Spam comments can be bad for your website because those will lower your site’s PageRank.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plug-in will help search engines to index all posts in your blog by generating a special XML sitemap. Google XML Sitemaps let search engines know whenever a post is added to your blog and see the complete structure of your website.

Contact Form 7

This plug-in allows you to easily keep in touch with your website’s visitors using multiple contact forms.

Contact Form 7 allows users to easily create and update their contact forms. It also allows users to customize their contact forms to their liking.

NextGen Gallery

This plugin lets users to easily upload images from their computer to their website and edit them. NextGen Gallery also allows users to manage large galleries seamlessly by adding, deleting, and sorting photos in albums. Editing thumbnails of photos can also be done with NextGen Gallery without trouble.

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