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According to Alexa’s Internet “top 1million”, WordPress is one of the most popular blogging sites that is being used. It has almost 60 million users, and what makes these users interested to keep their blog is the use of Themes. Let us explore the most abused themes on WordPress and why most users are hooked on it.

Portfolio of My Life Themes

If photography is your best deal in life, well WordPress got you covered. Themes on expression for the hobby are very rampant in WordPress to satisfy Photographer Bloggers. One great example of that theme is Wowway by ChargedPixels. This theme is very unique in the sense that it presents your work in an organized box collage, and if you’re clever enough to set-it-up, it would be a kaleidoscope, which is very fun to derive on.

For traditional photographers, the expressions of hitting it like a photo album best suit with the theme from Denoizzed which is King Size. What most bloggers like best about this theme is that it brings the photos to life, and most of all make it saleable to the eye. Updates to this theme is a breeze and timely.

Other creators like peerapong, flow, elegant homes, and many others give photographers personalized options on how to present their great hobby with style and taste.

Elegance is My Style Themes

Glitter, Glamour, and Gold are the best G’s for Elegance. This topic will be biased to Elegance Theme, Inc. which is one of the best creators of WordPress sophisticated design themes. Primarily, if glitter is your wish, the star-studded Glow theme is highly recommended. Like glitter, this theme creates an impact on the use of bright colors, bold text, and flashy designs.

Moreover, glamour is best defined by their Glam Theme, in which it was created to dazzle with different flashy and smooth effects to soothe the glamorous ideas of its bloggers. In addition to this, if black is the new gold, then Polished WordPress Theme is the best for you. The ultimate objective of this theme is to be simple, refined but most of all well polished like gold. It wants to flash the diamond out of the blog post with the use of black velvet.

Flexible and Free Themes

I always save the best for last. These themes are the most popular because like I said they are flexible and free. Why are they flexible? In the sense that they work best in your notebooks but at the same time, they also work best with your mobiles. That is right!

These themes have the best of both worlds of the regular lappie and the mobile techie. Take for example, WP-Radiance WordPress Theme from Solostream which is simplistic in approach but professional in layout.

A good theme that must also be checked is the Gather Responsive WordPress Theme from Team Thrust which combines business and personal touch. Another great theme is from Studiopress which is the Stretch WordPress Child Theme. This theme is like a smart magazine; smart, eloquent, and very direct and it focuses on the presentation of your topic. Having responsive themes is one of the best because it is customizable, and both traditional notebook users and modern mobile users will have fun without having any problem scaling on their devices.

My Last and Final Tip

Content is the most important matter but it wouldn’t hurt to try attractive themes as well. It catches the eye of most readers and keeps them more comfortable with your site.

If you are a big explorer and want to be unique, you can make your own themes to make it personalized. Nevertheless, to save time and energy, a lot of people opt to select these WordPress themes that are ready to be used to deliver your message.

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