On-Page Optimization and Its Elements

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It is important for your website to rank as good as possible in search engines, however, to make this a reality, it needs to be optimized. Practically, Google decides if it is a commendable website or not and if it is in accordance with the searched word or expression. On-page optimization is composed of several factors, each one having its own importance. It is said that good on-page optimization starts from the top left corner of your website down to the right bottom corner of your site.


The descriptive elements of a page are important. On-page optimization uses three descriptive elements: title, keyword, and description.

These three elements could not only improve your site ranking but could also help you gain loyal readers in the future. Let’s discuss the three important elements and how they can affect your website.


First, let us discuss tag keywords. It is said that tag keywords offer no advantage, as Google does not consider it anymore. However, if you plan on using other search engines aside from Google, you can probably use tag keywords, but remember not to write more than 5-6 keywords. It is honestly not easy to be found using multiple tag keywords.


Your title comes with huge importance. This is equivalent to the headlines of journalists which means you need to ensure your title is well thought of. This will tell the readers whether your content is what they are looking for or not.

It is important because it has to reflect the content of the page completely and it must be catchy and meaningful with not more than 70 characters maximum. Examples of good titles for wedding niches websites are; My Wedding Favors, Unique Wedding Favors, Bridal Shower Favors. The name of the website should be included in your titles.


A description or otherwise known as the meta description will display a short introduction of the article in a maximum of 156 characters. Just like your title, your meta description should be convincing and catchy for this part serves as your content advertisement.

Your meta description should contain your chosen keywords. Although some webmasters claimed this element is not really important to increase a website’s search ranking, it is however important to encourage readers to click your title from SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages.

Compose your Meta Tags Now

Meta tags are important to improve the ranking of your website. So it is highly commendable not to neglect these elements if you want to do on-page optimization, as they are the most important in search engines. Without using meta tags is almost like constructing a house without a better foundation. So before blogging or writing an article, try to focus on your meta tags first, do your keyword research, create an attractive title and of course, compose a saleable description everyone can’t resist.

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