Online Business: Is It For Me?

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Not everyone has an eye and mind for business. This is why we have the entrepreneurs and then we have the consumers. More so, even if you are good with business, you can’t just jump in head on to doing online business. It’s a whole new world out there, the world wide web.

Let’s just put it on the table right away and agree that there are a lot of bogus buyers and even more bogus sellers out there. Thus, you will not only be selling your product, you will also be fighting to gain your customer’s trust and confidence. Ask yourself, are you ready for all that? If the answer is a resounding “yes”, then you are one step towards building an online business. Here are other ways to determine if an online business is for you.

Am I good with money?

The first thing to ask yourself is if you are good with money. Even if you already have a business running, money matters on online businesses are different.

Transactions are done online. You may have suppliers and you will also work to gain their trust. If you are good with money, then that’s one check on your online business venture.

Am I organized?

The organization is an important factor to keep your sanity when managing an online business. You will need to keep records and it can be more challenging than regular businesses because most of your transactions happen online where communications are faster. If you are a junkie for tracking and keeping records, then that’s another check on your pre-online business checklist.

Am I okay to transact without a face?

This part determines how you deal with people and if your judgment is strong enough to know if your customer or supplier is legit.

It requires you to be bold and tough when dealing with customers. Most of the time, you will be conversing through chat, so your statements should also display a strong demeanor. If you say yes to this, that’s a big check.

Can I stick with it?

Online business is generally more stressful because apart from managing the business, you also work double to earn your customer’s trust. There are customers that are too demanding, and this is quite understandable because they, too, are securing their money and purchases. If you are strong enough to handle the stress, that’s another check.

Am I open to feedback, especially those posted on social media?

If you’re managing your online shop through a social media site, customer feedback can come from all places. Sometimes, it can be a public post.

Sometimes, the feedback is not that good. Take these as constructive criticism to improve your business. If you say yes to this last item, then online business is for you.

Online business, you will learn, is different from other types of businesses. You mostly rely on the internet and yours or your customer’s availability. You need to have a tough demeanor to make do your transactions. Although what you absolutely need is a whole lot of guts, you should always be ready to take risks and be open to business ups and downs if you want to survive and be successful online.

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