Online Photo Portfolio: How to Make it Look Good

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Do you want to create a portfolio of photos? Maybe you have a personal blog and you want your friends to see how skilled you are when it comes to photography. If you are a professional photographer and you want to present your creations to attract potential clients then doing it online is the best possible way. How is it possible to sell images and photos on the Internet? You can put your photos on a free domain, or you can create video presentations with Windows Movie Maker. You can also try uploading your pictures on YouTube together with a link to your blog. You can even register a domain so you can create a professional site consisting of your magnificent pictures to create a professional presentation. You can even hire a freelancer to optimize your website and to help you attract more visitors. So let’s check how you can make your photo portfolio look good online.

Use Photography Templates

You can use Blogger, Webby, or other free platforms to feature your photos. You can use specific themes specially made for photography websites, by looking for blogger photography templates or WordPress templates.

Here you can upload your photos according to the format needed. With the use of photography templates, the beauty of your photos is enhanced and magnified which could possibly generate more clients and admirers of your work.

Specialized Networks for Artists

Try to create a free portfolio on specialized websites, such as Deviantart, Carbonmade, or even Flickr, the network of photography fans. By doing this you’ll be able to mingle with talented artists who can provide useful suggestions on how you can even more beautify your photos.

Video Presentations

Why not try video presentations so target customers are more enticed to check out your photos. It is easy to open a free account on Vimeo, and other video sharing websites where you can upload your video and the needed images in watermark. Don’t forget to sign your creations, and to put the link of your website on the description of your video.

Share it on Social Networks

Your friends are your most important marketing tools. From them, your photos would reach other interested persons and a wider audience. Through their recommendations, they’re able to convince other potential buyers that your photos are one of a kind.

Even without seeing them, it is possible that your photos will all be sold out by just the power of words. Still, you can use Facebook to showcase your photos!

Additional Tips

Now that you know where and how to put your portfolio, it is time to make it. Here are some additional tips that would help you to create a collection that could attract attention instantly.

Put your best creations in your portfolio. Yes, it sounds obvious, but you should spend some time browsing your collections and find the most interesting photos. Usually, nature photos with a high resolution are the best and also urban landscapes. Of course, you can put family photos, but be careful, as some of your family members might be disturbed by this privacy violation.

As you will probably target all kinds of clients, your portfolio must be diverse. Choose landscapes and portraits, and try to arrange the photos randomly. In the video presentation, don’t put all the landscape photos at the beginning while all the family and event photos at the end. This won’t look good.

Try to highlight a style. Especially for event photographers, the style of a certain album is important. There are some photographers who like to arrange all their subjects before taking the photo, and there are some who like the journalistic style, where albums are created in chronological order of events.

By following these tips, you will be certainly gain a lot of interested buyers of your online photo portfolio. So to ensure you will be successful, don’t doubt these tips, try it and see for yourself.

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