Pointers When Creating a Domain Name

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Creating a domain name for your website helps your target audience to easily access your page. It also helps promote your products or services. Here are some pointers you should consider when creating your own domain name.

Use the top three domains.

There are a lot of domains that are available nowadays. The top three domains are .com, .org, and .net. However, the most common domain that most entities use is .com. In most cases, online guests will only visit websites that end with these three domains.

As much as possible, you should get the .com domain for your website to direct more Internet traffic to your site. If the .com domain for the name that you want is not available, then, that should be the only time that you will look for a .org or .net domain. You might have to avoid domains other than these three.

Make it short yet unique.

When you create the domain name, you should see to it that it is a short one. This way, it will be easy for Internet users to remember the website. Aside from that, it should also be simple and easy to spell so that the users can easily type it on their URLs.

As much as possible, there should only be about nine characters in the domain name. It should also somehow reflect the kind of product that you are selling or the kind of service that you are offering or the kind of operations that you are conducting. Most importantly, it should be unique.

Do not use abbreviations or acronyms.

If possible, you should avoid the use of abbreviations or acronyms when you create your domain name. If the abbreviation of your company has, for instance, seven letters, then, people will have to remember exactly seven letters and how they are arranged. Although technically, it is shorter than the whole company name, it will still be hard for people to memorize it since individuals will only remember in packets due to associative memory. In this situation, you may have to choose a descriptive word that associates well with your company.

Do not use dashes in between words.

You might think of using dashes in order to separate the words. In this case, it will be best if you will totally avoid the use of a dash within the domain name that you are trying to register. The dash will only add another packet of information that the user needs to memorize.

What you can use, instead, is capital letters. You can capitalize the first letter of each word in order to separate several words. As additional information, as well, both the use of abbreviations and dashes contribute greatly to your domain name failing the radio test.

Split the words properly.

Before you even think about registering a domain name that consists of several words, you should check first whether other people will be able to know where the boundary for each word lies. If they are having trouble with it, then, you should use a different domain name. In this manner, you can avoid an embarrassing situation where the boundaries are not right yet still makes sense. For instance, therapist.com can be TheRapist.com.

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