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There are certain Internet Marketing languages that online businessmen ought to know about. Otherwise, you will just be encountering these SEO terms again and again without knowing what they mean. And if you really want to get into the business of online marketing, you certainly would like to know what’s going on around you.

Google Dance

Google dance can be a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the end results. When your website is Google dancing, it’s bouncing on the pages of search engines going from high ranking to low ranking position.

This often happens when a website is new, especially when it’s starting to get backlinks. Doing the dance means it’s trying to find its rightful position on the pages of the search engines. And when this stops, you will wish that it lands somewhere on the first few pages of the results.

Anchor Text Over Optimization

Keywords or anchor texts need links in order for them to rank on the search engines. And this is fine, as long as you are employing the right methods and techniques in building up said links. If you over-optimize a particular term by pointing too many links to it, search engines will find this suspicious and penalize your website.

That’s why building backlinks need to be done in a natural way, and you can do this by integrating a mixture of different keywords when manually building links that point back to your site. Otherwise, it would seem that you are harboring a ticking time bomb on your website, as this could blow up to your face in just a matter of time. Cautious Internet Marketers use around 60-40 ratios when backlinking anchor texts. That means 60 percent of the backlinks are aimed at the real keywords and the other 40 percent is targeted to relevant and not-so-relevant terms (e.g. click here, read more, etc).

Page Rank Sculpting

If your website has already been around for some time, you might see that some of its web page’s Page Ranks are higher than the other pages. If you want to transfer one page’s authority to another of your site’s pages, you can do this by internal linking to the said web page.

This process will instruct the search engines to pay more attention to the page with a lower rank. And eventually, such a setup can result in an increase in its Page Rank too.

Link Juice

The juicier your website is, the more authoritative it becomes in the eyes of the search engines. You can accomplish this goal by having a lot of links pointing to your site, as such links can transfer link juice from the originating website to yours. And needless to say, you would aim for link juice sources that are coming from relevant and high Page Rank sites.

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