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If you’re just starting out on an SEO campaign, you will find that there’s really nothing much to base your work on. But then, even if your business lacks some details and information as to the way it operates, you can still take on some proactive SEO methods in order to establish a solid foundation for your particular niche.

The Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Approach to SEO

If your site already has statistics and details to guide your next SEO moves, you can take a reactive SEO approach in order to respond to these effects.

Like if you already know which keywords are working well for your business, or which pages are getting the most views, you can use these details to make new plans and strategies. But without all this information, you are only left with one choice, and that’s making proactive methods as far as SEO is concerned.

Analyze Your Competition

As you will be constantly battling with your competitors, it would be good to know as much as you can about them. And this technique should be employed early on in the business game, so as to find out about the techniques that you would want to apply to your own business. By looking closely at your competitors, you will be able to observe their type of approach to their businesses.

You will also find out what’s working for them, and test the system on your own platform. No, it’s not a good idea to copy designs and methods as these are copyrighted, but you can use them as a guide.

Importance of Using Keywords

Online businesses mainly depend on search engine rankings; and this, of course, is dependent on keywords. In order to make proper use of keywords, you need to research terms and phrases that are getting searched on the Internet.  You need a keyword tool for this so that you can attempt to rank on keywords that are getting a number of searches. Otherwise, you might end up ranking for terms that people are not really searching for.

Fresh Content

Fresh content is so important in Internet Marketing that it’s deemed effective both for reactive and proactive SEO campaigns. Constantly updating your blog or website will attract search engine spiders to crawl on your pages frequently, and this can result in higher rankings on the search engines.

And if you do this technique diligently, you will never lose your spot in searches.

Proactive Approach Encourages Creativity

The proactive approach to SEO will allow you to be more creative with your strategies and techniques too. With a reactive approach, you only need to respond to certain effects that are already presented to you. With a proactive approach, on the other hand, you will be inclined to come up with new ideas so as to gain popularity and credibility with search engines and Internet users. And with this proactive mindset, you will truly be a market leader in your niche.

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