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HTML is a computer programming language and it is very important in a website construction. It determines what web browser can be displayed on site or on page.

This is not usually visible to internet users but the HTML coding can be seen by people who are keen. It comes with different elements and they usually put in angle brackets.

A good example is or , this is used to enclose the heading.

Optimized HTML

It is possible to optimize some of the elements for search engines. To do that, the main keywords should be included in the title tags. This will influence the click through rate and is good for SEO campaign.

An H1 tag should be in every page, it will help to broadcast different topics. Relevant anchor text should also be included to enable search engines to know the basic information available in the content of the targeted page.

This is one way to outsmart search engines and ensure your page attracts traffic.

How to Balance SEO and HTML

HTML is a very important part of web design and also in SEO campaigns. It does not work like magic to boost a website at the top.

Recently 4 was moved to HTML 5. The difference between the two is not much. But the changes in the latter will impact web designers and developers more than experts.

Why was HTML 4 Moved?

The changes were made to keep with the developing tech and increase the benefits of it in SEO campaign. These changes are crucial because they allow more descriptions. A new element was introduced and it’s known as Canvas.

It has eliminated the necessity of plug-ins when rendering graphs or images dynamically. One can now embed videos without looking for a third part plug-in.

HTML 5 is fast wherein a page will load quickly and will actually put some little input on the page’s rank.

SEO & HTML; Other PurposeOther Purpose

HTML is not only important for SEO but also for building a webpage. If you want to create a personal or professional website, no matter what type of website you want, you must have basic knowledge about them.

Both are improved in many ways. One should keep learning and should never get tired in formulating ideas on how to use the two better and put their page amongst the top ranking sites. This is also efficient in attracting traffic in a website.

Learn the Basic

If you’re a blogger or an aspiring Internet marketer, then learning the basic information about HTML and SEO is a must. It may sound intimidating but once you get the hang out of it, you will enjoy the knowledge you gained about this programming language and use it when creating your blog site in the future.

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