Small Bloggers: Why Some Doesn’t Make it Big

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Unlike before when blogging was not so popular, it was easy to excel and create a name as a blogger. Nowadays, there are thousands of small bloggers sprouting in any part of the world with different niches and reasons why they exist! It is undeniably true that there are many bloggers with great ideas yet are complaining about lack of popularity. Marketing specialists, PR specialists, and HR managers say that social media is an effective instrument, unfortunately, it is sometimes complicated and hard to use. So why do you think small bloggers or aspiring big-time bloggers don’t make it big? Here are some of the reasons why.

Lack of Passion

If you want to be a successful blogger, you must have the passion to blog. Some aspiring bloggers are blogging for the wrong reasons. What are the wrong reasons? If you are blogging mainly just to earn then you will surely fail.

Blogging is not an instant success, so if you want to earn big you need to have the passion and the drive while waiting for your success. If you don’t have the passion you will surely quit and stop blogging in days. You quit even before your blogging career kick-started because you lack passion.

Occasional Posts

This is true to most newbie bloggers. They want to make it big but they don’t post as much as they can! Newbie bloggers tend to post now and post later which should not be the case. As a small blogger, you need to continuously post and create something new every day to be popular, to be followed, and to earn interested readers.


Have you encountered a blog where it has a lot of niches involved? Some bloggers are so undecided that they’re not sure of what niche to tackle in their blogs.

You will know if the blogger is undecided because you will see different niches in his/her blog. Posting a pet niche today and post a relationship niche later is a sign that the blogger doesn’t have a clear sense of direction which leads to confusion for some readers.


Because there are already thousands of sprouting bloggers out there, your only chance of survival is to be unique. You have to think of a niche that you love yet is not very common and rarely heard of. Why? Most bloggers have the same interests and same niches.

It is also possible that some stable bloggers have also chosen your niche and competing against these blog sites is hard. As a small blogger, you must think out of the box and explore new things. Who knows, your uniqueness will make you big soon.

Blog your Way Up!

In blogging, you need to have the right set of tools to climb your way on top. Being an SEO expert or an online marketing specialist is not a guarantee that you will make it big time. You need the right attitude, the right niche, the passion, and a blend of your marketing and SEO expertise to become successful in the world of blogging.

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