Smartphones: Internet at Your Fingertips

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Often misjudged and a target of many social critiques, smartphones have well-presented the pros and cons of using it. No doubt, more and more people are becoming too attached to their smartphones every day, and when we say attached, we mean literally glued to the majority of their screen of the time.

Why have smartphones become such a necessity for many people? One, because of its technological intelligence that can quickly cater to some of our most basic needs at work and school; two, because it is internet on-the-go and internet, for many, is like air – a basic need. As much and as often as older generations criticize us for staring at our screens instead of staring ahead, here are four of the best contributions smartphones have given us.

Mobile blogging

With the continuous improvements in technology and the internet also come more and more people joining the world of blogging. This is a good thing because sharing your intelligence with the greater masses is always a good thing.

When a blogger has a strike of inspiration wherever he/she is, a smartphone will allow them to continuously share their knowledge in real-time.

Quick research

When you want to do a quick research on something or you have forgotten about one thing and need to learn about it quickly, smartphones can come in handy. Even without internet connection and access to search engines, your dictionary, encyclopedia, and other knowledge-base applications can help you.

All you need to do is download the knowledge applications on your smartphone and do a few quick tips when you need some information. It’s not called a “smart” phone for nothing.

Staying connected

Ah, of course, social media. It’s a plain truth that social media has become one of the many ways for us to get connected with our family, friends, and acquaintances. Although you may not have direct access to the computer all the time, smartphones can give you a real-time feed of your social network. This is a good way to stay in the loop and update your friends’ and family’s lives, especially if you are busy at work or you live far from home.


From text messaging and calls, you now have many other options in communicating with your family, friends, and other contacts. Smartphones have developed hundreds of applications that have a communication platform. Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger are only a few of the most commonly used communication tools in smartphones.

To add to that, these applications can only be downloaded (or are most convenient to be downloaded) only on your mobile phones. Technology has really taken communication to a whole new level with smartphones.

Smartphones have become a part of our lives and routine. It’s seen as something that will only be continuously improving in the future and evolving with our own basic needs. One thing is for sure: smartphones are extremely helpful when used just enough and when used wisely.

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