Strategies to Improve Web Traffic

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There are millions of websites on the internet right now,
and more coming up each and every day. So how do you as a website owner make sure you grasp the attention of internet users and be noticed in an ocean of millions of other websites in the virtual world? There are some simple strategies that can help take your website from oblivion to a modicum of stardom.

Be a Powerhouse of Information

To be noticed, you must be relevant and informative. People browsing the web are looking for information. On the internet, information is the currency of trade, and to succeed, you must value this currency very highly.

Even if your objective for creating a website is to generate an income stream, choose a unique niche with which you have intimate knowledge and on which you can provide new and useful insights so that when people do visit your website, they have reason to revisit and maybe even recommend you to others.

Have New Content and Regular Updates

Building a website is one thing, keeping it up and running is another story altogether. Your website has to be dynamic, not only so that you can be taken as an authority in your chosen niche, but also to keep the attention of visitors who have taken the time to repeatedly return to your site.

Think of it as a book – once you have read it unless it is very interesting, you will not have reason to reread it; but if the book had a chapter being added every day, you would continue reading every other day.

Make Sure Your Website is Fully Functional All the Time

Internet users have very little patience and very many options. For this reason to keep your website visitors and to attract more, you have to ensure that your website has an uptime of one hundred percent (or as close to that as you can get), that all the pages are available, that all the inbound and outbound links work (including tags and anchor text) and images are where they are supposed to be.

Use Social Media and Other Tools to Advertise

People won’t just happen to stumble upon your website all the time; it is up to you to help them find it. Advertise your site.

Set up a Facebook page and Twitter handles and a blog and an RSS feed so your presence can be known. This way, you can slowly create a fan base and increase the number of people who come your way.

Watch Your Links

Linking is seen as either a white hat or black hat SEO practice, depending on how you use your links. Do not fall into temptation and use a link farm to try and raise your ranking and generate traffic. Genuine links may take longer to get the traffic you want, but they are more valuable in the long run. Link farms will discredit you and once people stop taking you seriously, where will that leave you?

Have Contests and Promotions to Attract Visitors

People on the net, like people everywhere else, love ‘free’ things. Have contests and promotions that will catch the eye of visitors with some free or cash offerings were thrown in. Please make it a genuine contest too. Once you have the visitor’s attention, you can wow them with your in-depth content and your amazing insight into your chosen niche.

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