The Different Kinds of People in the Online World

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The World Wide Web may be a kind of technology that most of us could not fully comprehend, but it is made by humans too. Since the beginning of the internet, it has become a venue for many people with diverse beliefs, preferences, hobbies, and whatnots to share what they know and basically anything under the sun. With diversity also comes the branches of these differences, thus we have many kinds of stereotypes on the internet. Here are some of the most common kinds of people you will see online.

People who are obsessed with social media

The social media-obsessed group has a profile for every social media site known to man, or at least the popular ones.

They have profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flick, Google Plus, and many other sites. You normally see these people glued to their mobile phone screens while checking notifications.

People who like to be updated with current events

Whether relevant or irrelevant current events – like show business, horoscope, world news, Hollywood, and all other news – these are the types who like to know what’s in. A common greeting for these types: “Did you know that…”

People who like to snoop around

These are the social media-obsessed and current events people brought into one. In short, people who like to snoop around.

They are the ones who standby in social media sites or news sites to get the latest scoop on other people’s lives.

People who want to connect with others

These are the ones who use the internet for the advantage of connecting with long, lost relatives, friends, and batch mates. They use the internet to search for and communicate with family and friends in faraway places.

People who use the internet for work

Money-making and entertainment put into one. People who take advantage of a high-speed internet connection, look for jobs, and even work on jobs through the internet alone. These are people who bookmark links for home-based jobs websites and LinkedIn.

People who love to shop

Ah, the online shoppers who don’t want to go to the mall. Well, since the introduction of online shopping, there has been a significant increase in online shoppers and a decrease in mall-goers.

Some just opt to shop within the convenience of their own home and prefer to have their ordered items delivered to their doorstep.

People who use the internet for research

This group has grown too dependent on the internet, that when the internet drops out, it’s like the end of the world. They’re smart – or they act like they are – and they can answer any question you have if you just give them time to take out their phone and search it on Google. These types of internet-people are so popular that there’s even the catchphrase “Google it” created.

The internet has become a medium for us in many ways. One thing is for sure, we are given this tool and as humans, we use it to our advantage and our interests.

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