The Importance of Trust in Online Businesses

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Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Will you buy anything from a seller that you don’t find trustworthy? Probably not. The same holds true when you are offering goods and services in an online business; prospective clients need to know that they can trust you before they’d even consider purchasing from you or your website.

How to Build Trust

If your site visitors don’t trust you and your marketing techniques, they will not subscribe to your newsletters or join your list. It’s such a big turn-off when you know that someone is only after making money and that there’s no genuine concern to help other people. Having this impression will make you and your site seem unworthy of having loyal customers, as they don’t even know if the information that you provide is reliable or not.

The Human Element

Customers would appreciate seeing a human element behind every business website as this will separate it from the typical marketing crowd that’s only after making money.

By offering to help your audience, they will feel connected to you and start trusting you. And we all know that business relationships that are built on trust always result in more sales.

Putting Up Your Picture

When people look in your bio box, they expect to see your picture as the author. Even if your website is an official business entity, a picture of a human being is still preferred over the picture of a logo, even if it’s a company logo. Likewise, putting up pictures of animals and flowers is not advisable too, as you will just keep people wondering who you are, and why you’re hiding your true identity.

Using Videos

Videos are even more effective than pictures and bio boxes. By putting up videos of yourself talking about your company, products, and services, you are letting the world see you as you are. And this greatly adds to your credibility as an Internet Marketer.

It actually helps in SEO too, as search engines like the presence of videos within a website. And if you properly tag your video presentations, these may even show up on the top pages of search engines.


You can have a separate site that will serve as a blog for your company’s official website. Or you can also choose to incorporate a blog within the site by simply devoting a page for your blogs.

You can then use this platform to talk to your audience about topics that are related to your business. Keep the comment section on for your blog posts, so that your readers can leave their feedback and communicate with you if they want to.

Gain Your Readers’ Trust

Your online business can indeed have a better conversion rate if your audience trusts you. So don’t work on just being a seller to your site visitors. Be their friend, and offer the best help and services that you can provide for their specific needs.

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